6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Borrow for Your Wedding

When you think of weddings, the word “pricey” usually comes to mind. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you’re looking to cut costs and lessen expenses for your big day, there are some things you can opt to borrow, instead of buy. Scroll down to check them out!


1. Your bridal car

When it comes to borrowing things for your wedding, this one’s probably the most common. There are plenty of great bridal car rentals out there, but if you’re trying to save on expenses, you can always ask your family members, or even friends, if you can borrow their car instead. Just make sure to return it to them spick and span!


2. Your wedding venue

Opting to celebrate your wedding in a loved one’s or your own home can help cut costs on your big day! Backyards or gardens are a great place to start. You can get a good event stylist to beautify the whole place–let them do their magic and you’ll be surprised with the outcome, and all this without having to spend so much!


3. Decor, table centerpieces, and tableware

I’m sure you or your family and friends have some pretty things lying around that can be used as wedding reception decor and table centerpieces, like mason jars! Tap on your creative side and start mixing and matching things to your delight. As for the tableware, if your mom, grandmoms, or aunts have and are willing, you can always ask them to hand you over their china and other cutlery too. The sense of D.I.Y.-ness in this will give your wedding that unique personal touch!


4. The dress

Depending on who you’re borrowing it from and how much they’re willing for you to change the way it looks, you can do minor or major things to turn that borrowed wedding dress into the gown of your dreams! Major things like changing the bodice details, skirt details, hemline, neckline–you can talk to your designer or seamstress about this. For minor things, you can opt to accessorize the dress with a veil that speaks your style, or adorn yourself with jewelry you love. So many ways to get creative!


5. Jewelry

Speaking of jewelry, wouldn’t it be lovely to have your mom’s, grandmother’s, or any other loved one’s jewelry on you as you walk down the aisle? Ladies, it’s not always about having the latest trends or everything being brand new. Wearing jewelry with much family (or friend) value is just as beautiful and meaningful! Be it earrings, bracelets, or a necklace, put on those jewels and shine with confidence!


6. A clutch

Since we’re already talking about accessories, might as well touch on this topic! Clutches are basically your glamour girl kit. And on your big day, you definitely want to have this accessory looking just as perfect as your wedding dress! Sometimes though, this might not be on your priority list of things to spend on, but you don’t have to worry when you’ve got your stylish girlfriends to borrow from!


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