10 Hidden Costs You Didn’t Know You Have to Pay For in Your Wedding

Budgeting for your wedding is one tricky ordeal, and even if you plan it very, very carefully, sometimes, you’ll still find that your estimated amount will differ greatly from your actual amount. So, what happened? Well, ladies, there are actually a few hidden costs you didn’t factor in that actually gets filed under your wedding budget, or there might have been a detail you weren’t able to prepare cash for. What are these, you ask? We sought help from wedding coordinators Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona and Joed See Events to give you some intel!

10 Hidden Costs You Didn't Know You Have to Pay for in Your Wedding


1 Extra provisions in your contracts.

It really pays to study those contracts from start to finish! Some suppliers stipulate additional charges like out-of-town fees, parking, early entry or late exit, transportation allowance, toll reimbursements, and morning weddings, among others. You’ll avoid these “surprises” if you read before you sign!


2 Corkages.

Some venues and/or caterers may require a corkage fee for bringing in alcoholic drinks, non-in-house suppliers, food from outside vendors, and food or non-food booths. It’s better to ask about this in the beginning so you can allot a budget for it, or simply decide if you should stick with your venue or caterer’s menu instead.


3 Caterers.

Extra services from some caterers may come with a price tag. Some examples of these are buffer tables and set-up, additional ice and glasses for the bar service, additional VIP seats, carvers, extra decor on the tablescapes, additional waiters, and extra platforms and backdrops.


4 Crew Meals or Allowance.

Depending on what time they start working on the day of your wedding, you may need to provide them breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. Some accept allowances instead of meals–it’s never a bad idea to discuss this so you can agree. Yup, this is part of the budget!


5 Overtime Fees.

Either you prepare for the overtime charges (venue, caterers, photobooths, lights and sounds, food carts, photographers, videographers, etc.), or be mindful of the time… but we know it can be difficult to stop the party when everyone is having a great time! These fees can also include your bridal car, and the costs of extensions it might incur.


6 Documentations.

Securing copies of government and church documents have corresponding prices. You also need to pay for the seminars and wedding banns as well! It may not seem like much, but these should still be filed in your budget.


7 Beauty Products.

Any bride and groom would want to look and feel their best on their big day! Pampering yourselves is totally part of the preps. Some examples are hair coloring, facial treatments, teeth cleaning and/or whitening, even that gym membership (if you weren’t going so regularly)!


8 Accessories for the Ceremony.

While most couturiers already include the cord, coins, and bible in their contract, others don’t. Best to double check! You may also need to provide the matches/lighters and candles, as some churches don’t provide them. For Catholic ceremonies, if you opt to have an offertory, items are also care of the bride and groom. For Christian rites, please check with your pastor if you are doing the unity candles, unity sand, etc.


9 Jewelry.

This is subjective to the bride and groom, but some couples would love to buy new shoes, belts, earrings, watches, cufflinks, etc. And that’s totally fine! Just know that this also adds to your budget.


10 Transportation.

During your wedding preparations, expect that you will be on the road so much more than usual. Allot allowance in your budget for your gas, tolls, parking, meals, etc.


So there you have it, ladies! Rule of thumb: Every upgrade means an additional cost, and it’s always a good idea to check the inclusions of the packages you availed of. It will help to also note all your expenses so you can check against your record and better keep track of what you spend. Budget wisely!


Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Joed See Events
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