Here’s How You Can Save Extra Money Even With Your Wedding Expenses

It’s no joke getting married nowadays, and we definitely know that it does make a dent in your finances! So here are five tips on how you can actually still have extra cash despite the spending. It’s not always easy, but it can definitely be done if you set your mind to it!


1. Eat out less, and opt for date nights indoors

Believe it or not, eating out takes up quite a big chunk of your monthly expenses, even if it’s eating at affordable places. Try and sit down and compute how much you spend when you eat out. You might be surprised at the total amount, which could be a helpful addition to the money you have set aside as a couple. Remember, going out always means spending, whether it’s on parking, dinner, or occasionally being tempted to shop. Opt for board game nights, maybe a Netflix marathon, and a home cooked meal. It’s just as fun if you give it a try!


2. Turn your coffee budget into a future travel fund or whatever fund suits your lifestyle

Now to an important topic: coffee. Most of us love it (some more than others)! Store bought coffee is sooo good, but it’s also expensive. Now this may be a sacrifice that’s very hard for people who love their caffeine, but try to make a challenge out of it. Whatever you will save on ditching your favorite cup for a homemade one, you can use to build a travel fund as a reward. Make the computation and you’ll see how much we’re talking about!


3. Set saving goals and rules to abide by

If you really want to save, then sit down and set goals. It’s one thing to say you want to save, it’s another to properly plan for specific numbers you want to achieve as a couple. Every month, set an amount you want to reach for your savings. The more you achieve this as a couple, the more motivated you will be in continuing this practice.


4. Hold off on shopping

Now for the ladies (and some of the gentlemen!), whose favorite pastime is shopping, set specific rules on a shopping budget. This could greatly contribute in building your funds as a couple. List down what each of you spend for, figure out which ones are necessities and which ones are good to have. Utilize your budget by buying your necessities first, and if you can, save on the good to haves. You can reward yourself by buying yourself a little something (within your set budget of course!) as motivation to keep on saving.


5. Sell old items you don’t use

Don’t underestimate this! Holding a garage sale, joining secondhand buy and sell groups on Facebook, or selling on social marketplaces (there are plenty!) is actually heaven sent! You will not believe how much stuff you actually don’t use anymore, may still be of good use to some people. And besides earning, it also helps you free up some storage space!


So there you have it! Some tried and tested ways you can save some extra money even with your wedding expenses. Let us know if you have any other money-saving hacks in the comments below!

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