5 Ways to Make Sure Your Jewelry Complements Your Bridal Look

Shopping for your wedding jewelry can be overwhelming. Accessorizing your bridal look is different from just looking for a cute necklace to go with your casual outfits. There’s a vast ocean of choices–cuts, colors, you name it! So where do you begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on the jewelry you should pick for your big day!


1. What’s the color of your dress?

You might say it’s just white, but look a little bit closer. The hues and undertones of your dress can help determine whether you should go for white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold jewelry.

  • Pure white dress – Go for white gold, or platinum, which will shine against the dress’s clean and bright tones.
  • Ivory or cream dress – Yellow gold is the way to go here. It will definitely match the dress’s warmer hues.
  • Blush dress – Rose gold will undoubtedly complement the pinkish coloring of the dress.
  • Beaded dress – Whatever the color of the beads are should more or less dictate the color of your jewelry. Wasn’t that easy?




2. What about the dress’s neckline?

Your necklace and earrings also depend on what your dress’s neckline is going to look like. You don’t want to walk down the aisle with jewelry that clashes with your outfit!

  • Strapless or sweetheart – Congratulations, ’cause you can basically rock anything with this gown! The space can make room for something as tight as a choker, or a bejeweled dainty necklace.
  • Wide V-neck – Opt to go for a statement piece here! Perfect for bolder brides who really want to express their bridal style through accessorizing.
  • Straight neckline with thick straps – To create balance with the thick straps, try something shorter with a thin chain.
  • High neckline – If it will cover your entire neck and shoulders, it might be best to go for statement earrings alone instead of wearing a necklace with it.
  • Halter top – Hair pieces and earrings work for this kind of neckline the most.


3. What hairstyle are you donning on your wedding day?

Thinking of having your hair up, down, or a mix of both? There are strategic ways to accessorize while taking this into consideration as well!

  • Hair up – Most of the time, brides wed with their hair up, which allows for more possibilities with earrings because their ears are exposed. Try dangling earrings or big studded rocks that will elevate your overall bridal look.
  • Half up and down – Play it up and experiment! Depending on how your final look will be like, consider if your ears will be covered or exposed, and check which trend to follow: bold earrings or understated ones?
  • Hair down – You might want to consider getting a bejeweled head piece for this and wearing small to medium stud earrings since the ears may mostly be covered.


4. Do you know which metals match your skin tone?

Ever heard of warm, neutral, and cool skin undertones? There are many ways stated online that will help you find out which one of these categories you fall under. It has a say on which metals look great against your skin. Although we suspect that your dress already dictates this, it’s still worth mentioning in case you want to be doubly sure which jewelry will look good on you. Women with warm undertones fare well with yellow gold, while those with cool undertones look radiant wearing white gold. If yours is neutral, then congrats, because anything can look good on you!


5. Is this something you really like?

Before you get lost thinking of all of the things you have to factor in when choosing your jewelry, stop for a moment and ask yourself if you really like what you’re going to wear. These are your wedding jewelry, and therefore they will help preserve the memories of your special day. Keep in mind that you’re investing in these gems, and that they will forever represent the bride within you, years after the wedding is over. Choose something that’s all about you. It’s always these details that make remembering your wedding look extra special. And hey, maybe you can even consider wearing them after the big day!


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