8 Chic Accessories To Elevate Your Everyday Bridal Style

We all know that when it comes to post-engagement and post-wedding glow, every bride wants to make the most out of it! It’s the perfect time to try on a new look or a different style to really get people to notice a change. Look your absolute stylish self while you’re busy planning the wedding or still celebrating that post-wedding high. From belt bags to comfy sandals, we’ve rounded up a few accessories that will take your daily bridal look to a whole new level!

1. Belt Bags

Photo via GVN The Label

Spice things up a bit by sporting a chic belt bag like this! It’s small, convenient and spacious enough for all your daily essentials. You can try out different colors depending on your ensemble for the day.


2. Comfy Sandals

Photo via Wear Wolfe

With the brand being built for anybody who craves travel and adventure, it’s bound to be the adventurous bride’s next go-to for her chic and comfy look.


3. Layered Necklaces

Photo via Mamei Jewelry

Turn your simple ensemble into an elegant and classy one with just a touch of jewelry. Give layering jewelry a shot with these chic necklaces!


4. Chic Wallets

Photo via Tipi and Folk

Skip the huge bag and just carry around a stylish wallet like this. Plus, you can mix and match colors!


5. Basket Bags Ademar Manila

Photo via Ademar Manila

Pair this basket bag with white and denim and you’re good to go! These trendy bags are definitely a must-have this season.


6. Trendy Earrings

Photo via Kera and Co

Coming from a brand that urges everyone to live life colorfully, these earrings are perfect for any bridal occasion. Don’t forget to tuck your hair behind your ears so everyone gets to see!


7. Stylish Slip-ons

Photo via The City Shoes

Slip-ons will easily become your next wardrobe staple! They’re comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit. Plus, when you’re in a rush or running late, you can just slip into your favorite pair and you’re out the door before you know it.


8. Minimalist Jewelry

Photo via Nami

If you don’t want anything flashy, you can opt to┬ástyle your ensemble with minimalist jewelry like these. Keep it simple and stylish with these along with your new bridal look!

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