A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Planning Your Engagement Shoot

These days, engagement shoots have become a staple in your wedding journey. Some of you might ask if it’s really necessary given all the expenses for the wedding alone. And if you’re looking for reasons why you should have your own prenup shoot, we’ve got them here. But it’s not the cost that really matters. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look great. Remember that you’re doing this for yourselves, and that, just like your wedding, this is also a once in a lifetime event that you should experience and enjoy together as a couple. So, if you’re looking for a step by step guide to help you get started, check out some of our pointers below.

Engagement Shoot Planning 101



1. Plan Ahead

Do your homework in advance. Trust us, it will be a lot easier for you if you plan it ahead of time–ideally, at least a couple of months before the actual shoot. This will give you enough time to research for inspiration, look for suppliers, find the perfect location, and coordinate and buy your outfits and accessories.


2. Decide On Your Theme

Note that your theme shouldn’t be based on what’s just trending or what your fave celebrities did for their own prenup. Yes, you can get some inspiration from them, but yours should be something that really speaks to you and will show your true personality as a couple. Don’t forget to make sure that your partner is also comfortable with the concept!


3. Look For Suppliers

Based on your chosen theme, look for your suppliers. Meet them and trim down your options based on their portfolio, style, rates, packages, availability and how they build rapport with you. The last part is very crucial, especially with your photographer. Most couples are camera shy, so your photographer should know how to let you feel comfortable and act natural in front of their lenses. Discuss all your concerns with your suppliers beforehand so that they can make the necessary adjustments. But don’t forget to trust their judgement as well.


4. Find A Perfect Location

There are so many scenic locations for your engagement shoot to choose from! If you’re both nature lovers, look for a place that has a beach, a forest, a lake, or even a mountain. You can also consider indoor photo shoots in cafés with pretty interiors, museums, or even your own home. Believe me, there are a lot of options, you just have to do your research and be creative!


5. Choose Your Outfits

Choosing the right clothes and accessories for your prenup can be tricky. It has to be aligned with your theme, and at the same time complement both your looks and personal style. Consult with your photographer (or stylist if you have one) about colors–what looks good in a particular setting and lighting, or what patterns to avoid perhaps. You can choose to have several outfits or stick to one. But most importantly, you should be comfortable wearing your clothes, and your greatest accessory–your genuine smile!


6. Enjoy And Have Fun!

Now that everything is set, all you have to do is just relax and bring a happy disposition on the day of your shoot. It’s not every day that someone will capture your personal and sweet moments as a couple. Take advantage of that and enjoy every moment. Be yourselves, and just focus on each other.


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