Choosing the Perfect Engagement Shoot Theme

Planning for your engagement shoot can be very exciting yet pretty confusing. There are just so many things you can think of doing, and it’s more flexible than planning for a wedding. But just like your wedding, it should reflect your personalities, have a direction, and be fun and non-intimidating! There are actually a few themes you and your significant other can try doing, and we’ll be suggesting a few below!

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Shoot Theme


Go Scenic
Photo: Jaypee Noche | Engagement: A Colorful Prenup in New Zealand

Thinking of having your prenup in an exotic location? Don’t let us stop you! This is a very popular choice, and quite understandably so. You could do it while traveling and hit two birds with one stone–not only will you get your engagement photos, but travel memorabilia too! It would also be nice to have it in a place that means something to the both of you. It’s always sweeter when those photos of yours have a story!


Take the Casual Route
Photo: Manny and April Photography | Engagement: The Aldub Wedding is Happening and Here Are the Prenup Photos to Prove It!

We also love the idea of the raw, everyday look in the lives of the couple. Whether it’s at your home, in the city, or where you guys would normally spend time together, its charm would be you guys looking natural since you would feel at home. Just go for minimal props and let the stars of the show shine–that’s the two of you!


Celebrate Your Quirks
Photo: Den Llanos Dee | Engagement: Happily In Love

Don’t be afraid to be your quirky selves during your engagement shoot. You’re in total control here, and like what we’ve been saying time and again, being natural is the best way to go about your prenup. Maybe you’re into a certain movie or TV show or a game? We’ve been loving how couples include Star Wars or even Pokemon in their wedding–so why shouldn’t you during your engagement shoot, right?


Do What You Enjoy
Photo: Owen and Nikka Photography | Engagement: A Polaroid Paradise

You could also shoot a shared activity that you like to do, or highlight it in the shoot! You might both be surfers, yogis, or dancers–don’t be afraid to show it! Or maybe you’re both travelers, and you want to have a prenup in different locations, adventure-style. Find something common that you guys enjoy, and think of a creative concept that will make reflect both of you are as a couple.


Take It Back to the Start
Photo: Black Tie Project | Engagement: The Perfect Duo

Nostalgia is another romantic theme in engagement shoots. Do you guys still remember where your first date was? Or maybe you met in high school, and became really close during this one lunch time? Cheesy as it may sound, when executed creatively and tastefully, it can be a great thing to look back to in a couple of years. It can also serve as a “then and now” thing for the two of you. Sounds really cute, right?


Engagement shoots shouldn’t be glazed over during the planning process. It will mean so much to you and your husband in the long run if you really think about it carefully. After all, it won’t just be your wedding photos that you’ll look back at in a few years’ time, but your engagement photos as well. Feeling inspired? Go ahead and plan that perfect engagement shoot now!


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