Andre and Pia

Its rare to see weddings that show so much creativity and spunk in the Philippines. I think partly because we are a very traditional and culture-focused nation. Many weddings choose to stick to the mold and follow the rules we’ve grown accustomed to. However, more and more couples today are being more experimental and daring in planning their big day. It’s so great to see that weddings are starting to really reflect the couple’s character and style.

One gorgeous wedding I saw was Andre and Pia’s wedding. Pure loveliness indeed.



How breathtaking is this bouquet?

This cake has charm written all over it.

As you can see in the photos, the wedding was so cozy and personal. So I asked Pia why their wedding was so “them”.

I guess because we planned the wedding based on everything we like but we still gave considerations to certain traditions and cultures. For example, no more releasing of doves but we released balloons instead. We didn’t have the games anymore but we didn’t skip on the cake cutting and the drinking of wine as they have more meaning (for us).

We talked about having a simple but charming wedding, so our wedding has the old world charm feel which we both like.

We personally chose the flowers/plants for table setting, we made the playlist for the entire wedding from the church down to cocktails and dinner!

We were very hands on which is why we don’t regret anything about the wedding. We just followed our hearts’ desires! I think when you plan something from the heart, your self will truly show.

We (Andre and I) made our props (mustaches) for our Baicapture photobooth. it’s a nice touch to make things more personal since we know that photobooths are everywhere nowadays. I also asked an artist friend to do our backdrop instead of the selection templates of Baicapture. We used this backdrop design for our thank you cards as well.

To Andre and Pia, cheers to your beautiful wedding!

Church: Our Lady of Lourdes / Reception: Hacienda Isabella / Suit: JC Buendia / Dress: Jojie Lloren / Entourage: Newyorker / Cake: Estrel’s / Cake Topper: Etsy / Caterer: Cibo Di M / Florist: Tropical Blooms / Photographer: MangoRed / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Coordinator: Just Like Ours / Band: Brass Munkeys / Invite: Printed Matter

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