Check Out How This Couple Pulled Off an Intimate, Affordable, and Beautiful Wedding

January 2023 saw the beautiful union of Ivan and Sallie, an introverted couple who found their perfect wedding venue in Café Alea Bistro, a local coffee shop in Calamba, Laguna. Their celebration was everything they wanted—quiet, sincere, and intimate, with only 15 guests and a strict no-kids policy.

Sallie took the reins in styling her own bridal look, starting her day at 5:00 a.m. after days with little to no sleep. She walked down the aisle in a stunning Php 2,500 dress from Facebook Marketplace, holding a bouquet of rustic dried flowers. They opted for simplicity in their venue, letting the natural charm of the garden area shine. The wedding details were kept private, shared only at the very last minute, with the entire celebration unfolding just ten days after their engagement.

Ivan and Sallie’s wedding story is a beautiful reminder that love doesn’t need a grand stage or a big budget. Their celebration was a testament to their love, an intimate affair that embraced their personalities and showed that at the end of the day, what matters most is celebrating love in your own unique way. Take a look at their beautiful wedding through these photos by Roger Sasam and Ian Bernabe.

Ivan and Sallie

"I did my own bridal hair and make up. I had to wake up at 5am for our 11am wedding!"

"I am openly sharing this to everyone as our story might serve as an inspiration to many that money will never be an issue when getting married or preparing to get married." Sallie, Bride

"We did not let anyone pressure us who to invite, how our wedding should be like or what people expected our wedding to be like. We simply did not care about what other people might think. Our wedding, our rules." Sallie, Bride

Photography: Roger Sasam, Ian Bernabe / Ceremony and Reception Venue: CaféAlea Bistro / Cake: Baked by Maria

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