Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Couple You Are!

Ladies and gents, let’s do some role playing today! Say you’re registered in the Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry, which items will you choose for your dream home? Take your pick and we’ll try to guess what kind of couple you are based on the dream home you’ll design! Are you an outgoing, […]

Etiquette 101: Is There A Polite Way to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts?

So maybe you’re migrating abroad after your wedding, or you just so happen to have everything you need already (from the many bridal showers your titas have thrown you), and you’re looking to get some cash instead. Can you actually do that without sounding so forward? Is that allowed in Filipino weddings? Will you offend […]

#BNBFINDS: Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond

We’re sure you folks are all well aware of the Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond Bridal Registry. It’s pretty much a known fact that couples really do love getting their registry at Rustans. This week is another round of #BNBFINDS and we’re showing you our favorite pieces from our #BnBforRustans campaign! We know how picking out things […]