Here’s One Pre-Wedding Tradition You Shouldn’t Give Up

The gifting trends are fast changing and more couples are preferring enveloped gifts than a set of plates. While this popular option seems more convenient in this day and age, we’re here to convince you that creating a gift registry is still a smart and tasteful choice. Here at B&B, we believe in the merit of traditional gift giving and making it easier for your guests to contribute to your big day. So our answer to the question if you still need to sign up for a gift registry is a definitive “Yes”! Read on to know why.

Should I Still Sign Up for a Wedding Gift Registry?

You give your guests a gifting option.

Not all of your guests are comfortable with giving cash gifts. Some get pressured with the amount to give or some just find it inappropriate. By signing up for a gift registry, you give your guests options on how they can contribute to your new life as a couple in a way they’re more comfortable with. When you provide them with options, you encourage them to give gifts. Win-win! Good thing Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond Gift Registry has a wide range of items you can pre-select to make it easier for your guests to purchase.


You can choose key pieces that can last.

Getting married is like starting your life from scratch with another person by your side. You build your home one furniture piece at a time and you select which items to put in every nook and cranny of your new space. Of course, you would only want the best quality pieces that can last, right? Select your home’s firsts with the help of a Rustan’s registry consultant. From tableware to bath towels, they can guide you in choosing items for your new home! The quality and service you’ll get is top-notch for sure.


You attach special memories to items.

So you’re craving for hot chocolate on a cool December morning. You open your cupboard and pull out the mug set your grandma gave you on your wedding day. You smile at her thought as you pour in your favorite hot drink and snuggle with your partner on the couch. What a beautiful memory to remember, right? This is what gifts should do–it connects you to the gift giver even way after your wedding day.


You make it convenient for your guests and for you.

Giving a gift becomes worth it for your guests when they’re sure that you will use and appreciate it. Let them know exactly what you need and want, down to the quantity and item color if you must, by signing up for a wedding gift registry. It will be easier for them to get you something and in return, you’ll actually get the things you really like. Once they have shopped using your registry gift list, it will be delivered straight to your home! This means that both you and your guests won’t have to worry about carrying big gift boxes on your wedding day. What a treat! Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your special day and soak in all the love from your family and friends.

Your wedding day is a true celebration of love, not only between you and your partner, but also from all the people who love and support your new life together. You’ll surely be amazed by how much warmth and generosity your guests are willing to share with you. Create a wedding gift registry and allow them the chance to express their love and affection by giving you the gift you would treasure forever as a couple. Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond, the pioneer of gift registry in the Philippines, can assure you quality and classy selections that are perfect for your first home. Sign up below and get a chance to win one (1) Silnag statement jewelry piece from the exclusive Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond Bridal Collection. Silnag are accessories made of natural raw materials such as pearls and water buffalo horn, bones, and seeds.


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