Quiz: Want To Know How Style-Compatible You Are?

Having someone to have and to hold every single day for the rest of your life is such an exciting adventure!

You do everything together. You lounge on the sofa. You pick out which plates and glasses to use for everyday meals. You share a bedroom. You literally breathe the same air and move in the same space you call home. But what if you open the door to your home and your toes start to curl up at the sight of the bright colored leather sofa your husband surprised you with? Or the odd looking décor in the corner of the living room? Oh, boy, you’re in for an interesting conversation for sure. To keep the peace and to avoid surprises, take this fun compatibility quiz from Crate and Barrel to check if you really are made for each other, style wise!

Note: This Quiz is 2 parts. Part 1 is for the Bride and Part 2 is for the groom. Answer as honestly and quickly as you can!



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