Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Couple You Are!

Ladies and gents, let’s do some role playing today! Say you’re registered in the Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry, which items will you choose for your dream home? Take your pick and we’ll try to guess what kind of couple you are based on the dream home you’ll design! Are you an outgoing, refined, chill, or trendy couple? Comment below if we got it right!


In which city will your dream home be?

Pick a sofa, any sofa

Which color palette attracts you the most?

Choose a texture that interests you

Which dining setup would make you want to have guests over all the time?

Which bed would you want to cuddle in after a long work day?

Pick the perfect rug

Pick the first artwork your guests will notice when they enter your dream home

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these do you fancy overall?

Finally, choose which bar would go perfectly with you dream home

Crate and Barrel Quiz
You're an Outgoing Couple

You love spending time with people and it shows in how you designed your casual and elegant dream home. Both of you are relaxed, informal, and crave for a comfortable lifestyle. You love to host cookouts and talk about anything under the sun. Fun and substance are at your core--that's why people love to be with you! Your style is a mix of eclectic and rustic, which can get a little tricky in home building. But, for sure, signing up for a Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry will help both of you jumpstart your casual and elegant home!
You're a Refined Couple

Both of you prefer the classic over the trendy. You know what works and don't find the need to change things up. You want everything in place, structured, and proportional and this can be seen in your classic styled home, too! You know what you like in all aspects of life and you're not going to pretend otherwise! Good quality and convenience is top priority for both of you. So signing up for a Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry is a non-negotiable in building your dream classic home.
You're a Chill Couple

Vacation is always on your mind. You crave cuddles and a warm cup of chocolate at the end of the day. Both of you work hard so you can save up for a good and relaxing trip where you can unwind and recharge your souls. Your cottage dream home reflects your personality—comfortable, informal, and cozy. You’re drawn to vintage pieces and you've found objects that can add character to your home. But, it’s also important for you to have sturdy and well-made items. So how do you start building your dream cottage home? Sign up for a Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry! With a good mix of selections, you’re sure to build your dream home with the help of all your guests and loved ones.
You're a Trendy Couple

Both of you have simple personalities but are always on trend. You’re attracted to clean lines, minimal styling, and contemporary designs and your modern dream home shows it. Since “basic” isn't your thing, you’re not afraid to experiment and mix and match items, making both of you definite trendsetters. Your dream home will be made up of different textures like wood, metal, leather, and glass, but the most important aspect for you will always be functionality. As early as now, sign up for a Crate and Barrel Wedding & Gift Registry so you can start building your dream modern home!


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