Cash, Gift Registry, or Both: Make Gift Giving Comfortable for Your Guests!

Whenever I get invited to a wedding, one of the first things I ask is what the couple would want as a gift. Usually, the invitations provide info about bank account details for cash gifts. There are also times when the couple sends details to their registry, so guests can simply buy what’s on the list. When I’m only presented with one of these two options — either cash or registry — I have to admit that it makes me quite nervous. Why? Because I might not be able to afford any of the items on the registry or I can only manage to give a small amount of money. Have you been in this kind of situation, too?

It’s a real dilemma! So, what can a bride and groom do about this? Gift giving doesn’t have to be awkward nor imposing at all. I’m sure your guests would love to give you a token to celebrate your marriage. They just need a bit of help in making sure their gifts are useful and valuable enough for you. How do you do this? Keep reading!

Based on experience, having options is helpful! Back in 2019, my soon-to-wed friend at that time sent out invitations with details for their Crate and Barrel gift registry and for cash gifts. My first move was to check out the registry to find items that wouldn’t break the bank for me. I wasn’t comfortable with sending cash, because I knew I couldn’t give a very significant amount. Luckily, I found a set of stemless wine glasses from her list that was right within my price range! Phew!

Having both a cash option and a gift registry is quite an ideal combination. If your guests decide on giving cash, they most likely have an amount they’re willing to allocate for you. And you can spend that money in whichever way you like! If they decide on getting you something from your gift registry, they can purchase what they can afford, just like I did. Let’s say you signed up for Crate and Barrel’s Wedding Registry. You and your guests can enjoy the perk of getting a 10% discount and FREE shipping! Plus, you’re sure to receive all the necessities for a home, and most of all, the pieces you’ve been eyeing: a set of kitchen utensils and containers, wine glasses and dinnerware, serveware, an ottoman, or even a bar cart. Win-win, right?

When you do opt for a gift registry, it probably goes without saying that you should register at a store. But keep in mind, when you pick a store, go for one that has it all. Pick a store that will make you excited to put together your new home. Don’t know where to look yet? Well, Crate and Barrel has a variety of essentials. They have kitchen tools, tabletop and bar items that will bring out the cook and home entertainer in you. They also have chic decor and cozy linens that will reflect your style and create your dream sanctuary.

Another bonus is that Crate and Barrel has a resident Expert on Deck who can assist you in curating your gift registry items, making sure you’ll have the things you will love, definitely need, and will use for a long time. One more exciting perk for you is that all you need to do is choose your gifts, then let your guests do the rest (yes, the spending!).

It will be much easier for your guests to purchase a gift, of course, because it’s guaranteed to be something on your wish list! Your guests can visit any Crate and Barrel store or shop conveniently online.

Another tip is to send gifting details a few weeks or months in advance, especially if you’re opting for a gift registry. Having pre-selected items already makes things hassle-free, but an ample lead time is also a good way to lessen the stress of buying a gift even more. Your guests might also be busy with other preparations for your wedding, especially if they have assigned tasks like entourage members do. Give them a heads-up about your gift registry, so they can include it right away on their to-do lists. The great thing is that once they select and purchase your gift from Crate and Barrel, the store will do the rest of the work for them such as gift wrapping and delivery straight to your door before, on the day of, or after your wedding.

This is a heartwarming gesture! When my friend got the stemless wine glasses I bought from her registry, she immediately sent me a message saying how much she loved the gift. It turned out to be one of the items that she really wanted to receive. I was so happy, and relieved, when I got her message. It was great to hear directly from my friend that what I gave is something she and her husband definitely love.

I encourage you to make time to write personal thank you cards or to send messages to your loved ones who sent you a gift. They will undoubtedly be glad to hear how much you genuinely enjoy their gift, much like I was.

And there you have it! These are some of our tips to make gift giving a more comfortable experience for both you and your guests. To make it more convenient, simply sign up below to get started on your Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry and find items you’ll love and your guests will love to give, too.


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