10 Tasteful Garden Weddings of 2017

If there’s something that is guaranteed to make my day each time, it’s garden weddings. I mean, gardens make weddings so serene, captivating, and adventurous at the same time. It’s always fresh and exciting to see what color palettes couples decide to use to in their garden wedding. Seeing wedding photos like these, I can’t […]

The Look




    An Enchanting Garden Wedding in Baguio

    Love is such a beautiful thing! And love is what we’ll be getting this morning! Gab and Ella had a gorgeous garden wedding in Baguio City, and it’s almost too pretty for me to handle! I know Baguio’s got a colder climate, but seeing these shots from Owen and Nikka Photography fills my heart with […]

    A Rustic Wedding in Baguio With Hints of Red

    Picture a romcom movie where a hopeless romantic guy marries the girl of his dreams and they live happily ever after. Actually, wait. You don’t need to ’cause Chestknots can show you! They captured everything you need to know about our beautiful couple, Kevin and Pia, from pre-wedding shoot to wedding day. By the end of the post, you […]