An Ancestral Home Living Room Was Transformed into a Charming Rustic Wedding Venue

This couple didn’t have to look any further than the Bride’s ancestral home as the venue for their intimate wedding. Sometimes there’s really no other place that can be as warm and meaningful as your own home, don’t you agree? What a beautiful venue it turned out to be, too. Michael and Regina transformed the cozy space into a rustic themed venue with all the works like wooden tables and chairs, greenery, candles along the makeshift aisle, and lanterns as centerpieces. The styling certainly complemented the interiors of Regina’s family home so well! Knowing how to match your theme and decor to your home’s interiors is something we can learn from this wedding especially if you’re planning to host your celebration in your residence as well. Go on and start scrolling through these photos by Hijo de Foto.

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