Local Honeymoon Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

Living in the Philippines, you don’t have to travel far to find some of the best honeymoon destinations. Many couples use the honeymoon as an opportunity to travel abroad (we gave you some suggestions for foreign destinations here), and that is undoubtedly fun and exciting too! But the Philippines offers destinations that are not to be ignored either. With coastlines totalling some 36,289 km, the country boasts a lot of waterfront and countless breathtaking islands and beaches that host stunning resorts and varying ways to enjoy the water. If your idea of a honeymoon already involves relaxation and time spent by the water, why look any farther? Check out these local destinations for your honeymoon!

Local Honeymoon Spots That Will Blow Your Mind




The gateway to the best island hopping in Luzon! Caramoan boasts impeccable white sand beaches, hypnotizing lakes, deep caves, coves, and diverse marine life. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to engage in on the peninsula. Trivia: a few of Caramoan’s islands have served as settings for the famous Survivor TV show. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rough it out as much as the contestants did. Of course if you want to, then this is your chance!


Home to the Ivatans, Batanes is the northernmost province of the country, as well as the smallest. Famous for its traditional stone houses (built to withstand typhoon winds and earthquakes), rolling hills, and the warmth of its people and culture, Batanes gives off an other-worldly feel that is unique in the Philippines. You’ll feel as if you’ve travelled not just to another country, but to a far off world of stunning beauty.



Romblon is composed of three major islands: Romblon Town, Tablas Island, and Sibuyan Island. It’s well-known for being the Marble Capital of the Philippines and is also home to many dive sites. The “Blue Hole” on Tablas island is especially famous for free diving.




Fly in to the new Bohol-Panglao International airport (a beauty in itself) and head straight to your resort of choice. There are many to choose from! Most are placed right by the shoreline and offer luxury accommodations, while others are nestled in the hills and offer stunning views. The only “problem” you’ll have planning your honeymoon here is picking which amazing resort to stay at! Tip: you don’t have pick just one! “Resort-hopping” is a thing!


Known as the “mystical island” and sometimes even called “Siquihorror,” this island province is known for hosting healers (mangkukulam), spirits, and fireflies. There’s something almost-eerie about Siquijor, but that only adds to its charm. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches to visit and nearby Apo Island is a favorite dive and snorkel spot for many. Resorts tend to be on the affordable side and if you’re in the market for some ointments or potions, don’t forget to reach out to one of those healers before you leave!




If you’re looking to have a fun, active honeymoon surrounded by people from all over the world, consider Siargao. This popular tourist destination is known best for its world-famous surf spots and more recently for its budding cultural scene. Expect to bask in the cool vibe of the entire island as you explore not just the island but yourselves as well.


Looking for a classic beach adventure in the south? Located in the Bohol sea, you can expect the most out of Camiguin’s white sand beaches–pristine, sprawling, and breathtaking, yet all set within a small radius. A honeymoon here would also be on the more affordable side, as you don’t need the help of a tour guide to get around. Locals know all of the most popular spots and you can explore the entire island in as little as two days.


There’s no such thing as a boring “honeymoon at home” when your home is the Philippines! If you’re considering any of these amazing local spots, expect to have nothing but an amazing adventure to kick start your married life. Happy honeymooning, folks!

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