7 Visa-Free Places in Asia You Can Go For Your Honeymoon

Are you daydreaming about your fun and romantic honeymoon with your soon-to-be hubby? We’ve got just the thing to help with all your honeymoon planning–check out these visa-free countries in Asia where you can celebrate the beginning of your marriage with your partner!


1. Cambodia

If adventure and backpacking are your thing, you’re going to love it here. Kickstart your marriage by going on a sight-filled, adventure-packed honeymoon! There are also several island resorts around if you prefer to keep your itinerary chill.


2. Myanmar

For some peace, quiet, and relaxation, head to this natural gem. You and your partner will fall for the small town charm and raw beauty of the nature that surrounds this country. Be sure to hop on one of the river boats to catch the sunrise or sunset, as it will truly make for a romantic session!


3. Singapore

A cosmopolitan city for the couple who’s looking to get a taste of luxury! When in Singapore, make sure to visit the attractions, like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. Also, this is the perfect time for you to tap into your inner adrenaline junkie by heading to the theme parks.


4. Hong Kong

If we’re talking about street food and shopping, you’re going to want to book your next ticket here! This place has also got an energy like no other–perfect for the on-the-go couple. Have your comfy shoes ready as there will be a lot of walking to do around this bustling city.


5. Vietnam

I think everybody’s heard of the Halong Bay, right? You’ll surely want to get on one of the boats there, and cruise past the limestone islands with the pristine waters at your fingertips. It will be one memorable experience, especially with their deliciously fresh cuisine by your side!


6. Thailand

Beaches, temples, and shopping–this place has got them all. For the honeymooners who can’t decide where to go, we suggest you come to this place to experience a little bit of everything. We’re sure you’ll have a great time!


7. Indonesia

With a rich culture and an even richer scenery, you’re not going to want to miss this beautiful spot. The diverse landscape it has to offer will get you feeling excited in no time! Coupled with the wildlife, we’re sure any couple, nature lovers or not, will enjoy it here.


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