What a Year It Was: A Look Back at Weddings in 2021

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it was for weddings! After all the surprises and plot twists of 2020, we all learned to adapt and find our own ways of navigating the new world of wedding planning. From ceremonies in breathtaking locations to non-traditional choices in food and fashion, the sky’s […]

12 Guests Plus Dogs: This Fun Couple Were Surrounded with Everything They Needed

Genuine happiness cannot be dulled down even by a pandemic. As you can see in the photos taken by Sunday Morning Studios of Miguel and Zia’s special day, both of them radiated with so much anticipation and excitement even if they were only able to celebrate with their selected few. What mattered most to the […]

The Look




    Wedding Dress Inspiration: What Real Brides Wore to Their Intimate Wedding

    From fabric choices to neckline options, dress hemlines to bridal accessories, there truly is much to consider when searching for the perfect wedding dress. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an intimate one at home, the only fashion rules you have to follow are the ones you set yourself. The single, universal guiding principle […]

    Breaking the “Wedding Rules”: Here are 7 Unique Twists from Real Weddings

    Who says you can’t break a few rules and make your wedding completely your own? While there are certain requirements that we need to follow, there’s no harm in deviating from what’s traditional to put a unique spin on your wedding. Whether it’s a completely unconventional gesture or a one-of-a-kind detail, there are many ways […]

    This Is How a Boho-Filipinana Wedding Looks Like!

    It’s okay if you can’t decide on one wedding theme for your special day. What you can do is pick out elements that standout for you and combine them to create your very own, just like what Pierre and Kathy did. They chose Filipiniana elements for their wedding fashion and married it with a Boho […]