This Couple Had a Vibrant Catholic and Indian Wedding Held in One Day!

If planning one wedding ceremony is challenging, what more planning two very different ones that are both held on the same day? Josh and Lash, together with their team of suppliers, sure pulled it off! It’s not everyday that we witness a wedding where the details from the preps to the reception are a mix […]

The Look




The Spotlight Is on the Glam and Romantic Styling of This Intimate Wedding!

When everything flows seamlessly from the fashion, to the flowers, to the statement lighting, it can really set the tone for the rest of the wedding. That’s exactly what happened in Jeff and Janyn’s special day. The spotlights they used in their wedding reception was such a brilliant idea! The dramatic lighting set the mood […]

Grand Flower Arrangements and Candlelit Tables Set the Perfect Mood for This Classic Romantic Wedding!

Everything about this wedding felt like a fairytale! It was not just that the bride and groom looked like a flawless pair, but also the fact that everything was so well put together. It was truly remarkable to witness Vincent and Ysabel’s union in this grandiose occasion that they planned together. It is rare to […]