Here are Just Some of the Standout Beach Weddings of 2018!

We already went over just some of the memorable garden weddings of this year, and now it’s time for the beach weddings to steal the spotlight. Being a country blessed with many beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder that we’ve got even more gorgeous beach weddings to choose from. So go on and take a look at just some of our standout faves below!

Here are Just Some of the Standout Beach Weddings of 2018!


1. Rob and Maxene’s Stunning All-White Boracay Wedding

Photo: MangoRed

Why we loved it: Where do we even begin? The on-point all white outfits? The elegant ceremony styling? The fabulous outfits of the bride and groom? There’s so much to love about this wedding, we couldn’t just pick one thing. Rob and Maxene definitely turned our heads with this one, and we’re still coming back for more.


2. Billy and Coleen’s Breathtaking Balesin Wedding

Photo: Metrophoto

Why we loved it: Besides the obvious love they have for each other, the ceremony and reception styling clearly took our breath away. You wouldn’t think Billy and Coleen got married in the country looking at the photos! And of course we have to mention the blushing bride in her gorgeous gowns too!


3. Martin and Rachelle’s Enchanting Wedding in Boracay

Photo: Jaja Samaniego

Why we loved it: Two words: Flower paradise. This couple’s venue was transformed into flower heaven, and you won’t be hearing any complaints from our side! It also doesn’t hurt that their emotional wedding video also made us all mushy inside, and made us shed a few (okay, a lot) of happy tears.


4. Jetty and Mich’s Tropical Palawan Wedding

Photo: Jaja Samaniego

Why we loved it: Chic, chic, chic are the words that come to mind when we look at this wedding. The vibrant color palette against the cerulean blue waters of Palawan made for a stunning combination that we’re not likely to forget!


5. Christoph and Mica’s Bright and Colorful Wedding

Photo: Donnie Magbanua

Why we loved it: This one was all about the details. The eye-catching ceremony arch, the tropical flowers, hats and fans left out for the guests–there are so many things to pick up from this wedding that we couldn’t leave it out of our list!


6. Bryan and Tinkay’s Fun and Modern Tropical Wedding

Photo: Efjay De Leon Photography

Why we loved it: Sometimes it can be hard to imagine a wedding being fun and modern at the same time, but this couple proved that it can work out amazingly. The neon lights, paper planes, and just the couple’s fun and vibrant personalities are why you should take a look at this wedding one more time.


7. Jed and Andrea’s Modern Bohemian Wedding in Pagudpud

Photo: Chapter One Studios

Why we loved it: Speaking of personality, this wedding has got a lot of it. Quirky, fun, and colorful, it totally fits the boho theme to perfection. Going for a bohemian theme can work just as well with a beach venue, and this couple proved that and then some.


8. Liam and Hannah’s Chic Pink Wedding in Boracay

Photo: Mayad Studios

Why we loved it: Everything about this wedding speaks of class and sophistication. From the bride’s dress to the bridesmaids’ outfits (including their hats), to the bouquet and all the other little details. We couldn’t skip out on this one because there’s just so much to pin and get inspiration from, and we think you’ll agree too!


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