This Intimate Wedding By the Water Was All about the Romance and Rustic Details!

Does it get anymore romantic than dining under a canopy of stars and fairy lights? It actually can when you arrange your set-up by the water, surrounded by the beauty […]

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This Couple Only Met for the First Time During Their Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Audie and Abby met each other online through a common friend. After six days of courting, a month of deciding to get married, and seven months of planing a wedding […]

This Couple’s Savvy Budgeting Helped Them Pull-Off Their Dream Wedding!

While planning a wedding, one of the most common budgeting mistakes couples make is paying too much attention to the minor details and gimmicks over the major necessities. The result? […]

A Church Wedding in Batangas with Colorful Muted Tones

You guys have to see this bride’s soft blush gown! It accentuates Ayeth’s natural beauty and the colorful muted tones of their wedding decors–which, by the way, were all D.I.Y.-ed […]

A Garden Wedding with a Gorgeous Blue Color Scheme

Hey, ladies! I’m sure you all know how stressful and exhausting it can get to make sure that you have the right playlist for your wedding, right? Well, Lem and Krispel […]

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