Here are Creative Alternatives for a Grand Reception Party

After more than a year of dealing with quarantine, and all the adjustments necessary to make weddings happen, we have definitely seen the creativity and ingenuity of brides and grooms, and of course, the suppliers. Dealing with a pandemic as you are planning one of the most important celebrations of your life is no easy […]

How to Gently Break the News About Your Small Wedding to Your Big Family

Apart from matters of health and safety during the pandemic, couples may want to have a smaller wedding with 50 guests or much less because of reasons such as you want to stick to a budget, you simply don’t want to be the center of attention amongst a crowd, or you just can’t keep on […]

There’s No Place like Home: 8 Beautifully Intimate Home Weddings

Since home is where the heart is, isn’t it the most fitting place to celebrate two hearts becoming one? Most especially now, when home has become an office, a place of rest, and a safe-haven, among many other things, it can also be the perfect venue for your intimate ceremony or reception. Instead of feeling […]

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    8 Safety Protocols You Can Put in Place If You’re Planning a Wedding during a Pandemic

    Now that we’re already accustomed to wearing facemasks and physical distancing, let’s talk about the less familiar safety measures. Couples who have decided to wed in a “socially distant” way need to be willing to adjust their expectations and plan for a a celebration that is feasible and appropriate given the current situation. To help […]

    Here are the Things to Love About Intimate Weddings!

    Intimate weddings have always been around but now that strict community quarantine protocols are being followed in the Philippines, it has definitely taken center stage. Today, we’re here to highlight the beauty of  intimate weddings and how you can appreciate it more amidst all the redirections. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, we hope […]