6 Reasons Why It’s Actually Okay Not to Have a Bridal Entourage

Okay, so you might be freaking out after reading the title. I mean, no bridesmaids?! Is that even possible? In the last eight years or so that I have seen weddings day in and day out, I’ve learned a few things. One of which is that you don’t always have to go for what’s usual or do things the way it has always been done. While this choice may not be for everyone, it’s still nice to have options. So what does it mean to not have an entourage? It’s literally not asking anyone to be a bridesmaid, a groomsman or even your flower girl and ring bearer. And instead of asking your friends to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can assign an “unofficial” bridal party instead. This way, you are not limited to the number of people you want to include in the group. While it may sound like a highly radical idea, this is actually a common practice for those who have very small weddings, those that elope, or those that simply have the boldness to do so. Not sold yet? Allow us to explain a bit more about why it can actually be a good idea.

6 Reasons Why It’s Actually Okay Not to Have a Bridal Entourage


It saves your wedding budget

While having beautiful dresses or suits made for your entourage has always been a Filipino practice, it is also very expensive. One dress might not cost a lot but imagine multiplying it by the number of friends in your entourage. It will certainly eat up a big chunk of the wedding funds. 


It’s still picture worthy

You might ask, “Wouldn’t they look too mismatched or unprepared?” I kid you not when I say, it won’t look ridiculous! In fact, it can even look very natural because of the mix of styles and colors. It shows the different personalities of your gang! I’ve seen a number of weddings pull this off. Also, don’t forget to take bridal portraits with your unofficial entourage. Even if they aren’t officially your entourage, they can still take the “role” and do everything an entourage does.


You can still assign roles!

Remember that they can still be your unofficial bridesmaids and groomsmen, meaning they can still walk down the aisle with you. They can also do other bridal party tasks like throw a shower, or join your bachelorette or bachelor’s party.


It’s not number limiting

Do you have many friends? Are you having a hard time choosing who makes it to the list or are you having an even more difficult time worrying about the feelings of those whom you didn’t choose? Well, this is a great solution. Now you don’t have to worry about the cost of having too many bridesmaids or if their names actually fit in your invitations.


Your friends will love the idea too!

Sometimes being a part of the entourage can also be an expensive cost for your friends. Some might have to buy new shoes, or pay for extra stuff just to complete the look. Some also feel uncomfortable in certain fabrics or styles. With this plan, they can either just recycle an outfit they wore before that will still go with the theme, or if they choose to buy or have something made, it’s actually something that they love or will even wear in the future.


It’s just as special

Remember that whatever you decide on, entourage or not, your wedding day will still look and feel just as special. It will still look beautiful, you will still have the best time ever, and you will still say “I do” to the love of your life.


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