Drinks and Venue: These Suppliers Can Amp Up Any Celebration!

The wonderful world of weddings have evolved throughout the years and what used to be nice add-on elements have now become wedding staples. How do you make your wedding standout then? If you’re the type of couple whose wedding non-negotiable is to throw an original and exciting best-day-ever celebration but have zero clue on how to do it, then here are four must-haves you need in your wedding!

Elevated Cocktails For Each Part of Your Program
Guests attend a wedding for the couple, stay for the food, but go home happy because of the drinks! One fail-proof way to elevate your guests’ experience is to serve them curated drinks. These are well-thought of and creatively put-together beverages that are highly enjoyable and memorable. If you know your alcohol, and your guests do too, consider hiring Black Box Mobile Cocktail Bar, a classy, top-of-the-line mobile bar that can create the perfect drink for every part of your wedding program.

(Title)The Black Box Sample Menu Afternoon Drinks: Aperol Spritz / Frozen Margarita Reception Program: Gin Basil Smash (A gin-based cocktail on the sour side with a very refreshing and herby flavor) Old Fashioned  (Something you'd wanna have instead of your usual whisky on-the-rocks) After Party: Frozen Margarita (Yes! we have frozen cocktails too!)

All of the packages of Black Box Mobile Cocktail Bar are fully customizable and flexible. Depending on your preference, you can choose the base spirits of your wedding cocktails so that you get exactly what you want.

A Signature Wedding Drink
What separates a good wedding from an unforgettable one are the personalized details. How much of your love story is shared during your special day? As part of the Black Box Mobile Cocktail Bar package, they’ll transform your story into a signature cocktail! How unique is that? Will your story taste sweet, sour, or with a strong punch in the end for personality? Their internationally-acclaimed bartender, who won the Diageo’s Worldclass Bartender in 2018, knows good quality mixes and he’ll especially create a drink that celebrates your journey.


One-of-a-Kind Venue
If you’re right smack at the center of the usual marrying age range, it’s highly possible that you’ve attended three or more weddings held at the same venue. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a popular venue, know that you can also go for a unique space that you can transform anyway you want to make your celebration standout. Did you know that there’s a studio in Quezon City that sits in a 2,500 sqm property that you can style, rearrange, and make your own for your wedding celebration? Balara Content Studio has a Japandi aesthetic and has multiple spaces that you can choose from! From intimate ceremonies, engagement shoots, to after-parties, they offer a space that’s equipped with everything you’ll need.

A Picture-Worthy Experience
Pictures are proof of a great wedding experience, so give your guests something to take pictures of! The Black Box Mobile Cocktail Bar carries different fleets or carts that you can choose from, and all of them are instagrammable! Depending on the theme of your event and the number of guests that you’ll have, there is a fleet that’s perfect for your event. Park it in a versatile wedding venue like Balara Content Studio and oh my, you’ll definitely have a picture-worthy wedding celebration. Drinks on hand while mingling with your closest and dearest in a well-styled venue, well that sounds remarkable!


If you want to taste how The Black Box Mobile Bar can elevate your wedding celebration and see how Balara Content Studio can transform into your dream wedding venue, then you’re in luck! You’re invited to an Open House tasting on August 12, 11am to 8pm, where you can taste and see how these two brands can collaborate and amp up your wedding experience! They are offering an exclusive 20% discount if you book them during the event!

For more information, contact The Black Box at +63 (915) 311 1100 and Balara Content Studio at +63 (917) 806 3788.

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