Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses Trend

Just like how you can go the non-traditional route with bridal gowns by adding some color or going for a unique cut, you can also opt to do something different for your entourage. While some choose to keep the same gown, same color look for their ladies like in this wedding, there are a few that […]

9 Times Volkswagen Cars Became the Coolest Guests at Your Wedding

Finalizing who to invite to your wedding can be a daunting task–and don’t even get us started with the seat assignments! But one thing you should definitely not forget is inviting those rad Volkswagen cars! I’m talking about that groovy Beetle and that funky Kombi. Don’t they make for the coolest wedding guests ever? So […]

10 Bridal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There will always be wedding traditions. But don’t fret, ladies! Although there are “rules” that are great to follow, there are actually some that can be broken! Often, as brides, we tend to be scared to break away from the norm or the usual “beliefs” that are imposed to us by family, friends, or society in […]

Radiant Reverie

We all know that our wedding day is going to be up there amongst the top five days of our entire lives. When two hearts become one, it could only mean a contagious radiating joy! And boy, oh boy did we get some bright sunshiny J-O-Y from Coy and Lak’s wedding day! This beautiful affair […]

The Look


Of Happy Days and Bright Shades

For color seekers like us, shoots like this one from Dustein Sibug is like an ice cream treat on a scorching-hot day. We do cartwheels when we see patterns and prints, and everything pretty in between. For Boom and Eliana’s pre-wedding shoot, everything was just way too adorable to ignore. With just the right amount […]

The Look