10 Bridal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There will always be wedding traditions. But don’t fret, ladies! Although there are “rules” that are great to follow, there are actually some that can be broken! Often, as brides, we tend to be scared to break away from the norm or the usual “beliefs” that are imposed to us by family, friends, or society in general. Here at Bride and Breakfast, we’re out to tell you that it’s ok to take the road less traveled… so we’ve come up with a list of ten Bridal Myths that we’ll gladly bust for you!

Myth #1: Beadless and sequin-less gowns are just not formal enough!

At some point in time, it became the usual practice to put some sort of beadwork for bridesmaid dresses. Today, this tradition is still common, but is not a hard and fast rule. The fear of most is that the gowns will look informal and inelegant. This is actually far from the truth. Beadless gowns look young, fresh, and effortless. If you want to glam it up a bit, make your brides wear fun accessories such as statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Or even using stylish minaudieres can complete the look.

[Wedding: A Modern Merriment / Photo: Nicolai Melicor]

[Wedding: Ever Effortless / Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

Or try checking out our article about gorgeous looks perfect for your bridesmaids!

Myth #2: I need to wear “Bridal Shoes”.

This day and age is probably the most fun time to be a bride, since it’s actually quite acceptable for you to wear any fashionable shoe that is pretty and fits your personality. You don’t necessarily have to wear white, cream, or nude–a variety of colors (and styles) work well with wedding gowns. Another tip I would give is to choose a shoe that you can wear after the wedding–it’s way more cost-efficient that way.

[Wedding: Eternally Elegant / Photo: Jose Villa]

More shoe suggestions over here!

Myth #3: Beautiful gown = “beautiful” wedding.

Couples need to start approaching wedding style with an overall cohesive approach. Sometimes brides get focused on just having a beautiful gown and think that it’s the end-all-be-all of the wedding look. The key here is balance and coherence. If your gown is too grand and everything else in the wedding is bare and simple, then there is a disconnect with the overall look. Another thing to consider is matching your gown style to your wedding theme. For example, a modern dress goes with a modern theme, but a vintage gown won’t. So if you want a laid back vibe for your decor, then you can also pick out a gown design that also reflects that easy and laid back vibe.

[Wedding: Pretty Pink and Perfect / Photo: Pat Dy]

Myth #4: The bigger the gown, the more expensive-looking it is.

Ok, I get that you want to look your best on your wedding day, and really, we have nothing against ballgowns. The truth is, we love them… BUT, we also love gowns with slimmer silhouettes. I personally think slim silhouettes create a big impact on the mood and grandness of the wedding. I’ve seen slim silhouettes that have been embellished and look like a million bucks. We also like that vibe slim gowns give–a quiet confidence which makes an effortless bride shine. For simpler gowns, you can wear grander accessories too! We’d love to see more brides try different cuts!

[Wedding: The Elegant and Exquisite / Photo: Metrophoto]

[Post: A Thing of Beauty – Von Lazaro Collection / Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

Myth #5: I can scrimp and save on my coordinator budget–how hard could their job be?

You know the saying “you get what you pay for”? Well, in most cases, the same is true when hiring your coordinator. I’ve heard countless stories of how people regret scrimping on their coordinator budget because they ended up with a big headache caused by all the mistakes they had to deal with 0n their big day. Getting friends to be your on-the-day coordinators can be a fun idea, but keep in mind that it’s not that easy to run the whole event–it takes skill, experience, and agility to address issues and problems that arise. We’re not saying you should just get the most expensive coordinator out there, and we’re not saying that all inexpensive coordinators aren’t good. Do your research. Ask around. Whoever you get, you need proof of their experience, that the whole team can handle your big day. The job of a wedding coordinator is not simple, and you should never underestimate the glitches they need to attend to.

[Wedding: A Ravishing Romance / Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography]

Myth #6: Bold colors are not in! Pastel is the only way to make my wedding look soft and pretty.

We love love love color. Whether it’s bright and happy ones or deep jewel tones, we think color is amazing! Another technique is if you really prefer light-colored gowns, go for bright colors in your flower decor. Trust me, it will still look soft and classy but have a hint of youthfulness.

[Wedding: Color Chic Celebration / Photo: Dustein Sibug]

[Wedding: Midnight Magnificence / Photo: Marlon Capuyan]

[Wedding: Beauty and Brightness / Photo: MangoRed]

Myth #7: Lace is required for a wedding gown.

There are so many fabrics that one can explore. Cut the lace and try to explore tulle, organdy, neoprene, or even put gorgeous crystals! While we also love lace, we are just dying to see more brides try other material that are just as pretty.

[Post: Wedding Editorial / Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

[Wedding: Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona Wedding / Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

Myth #8: I need a full program so my guests won’t get bored.

This is probably one of the greatest pitfalls of Philippine weddings. We tend to jampack our wedding program with one performance after another, with back-to-back games and very, very long multiple speeches. While we know some of these are not entirely bad, and there are certain things that you can’t do away with, we ask that you put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Most of them really want to enjoy their dinner, talk to the people in their table (without music blasting loudly that they can’t hear each other), and admire the whole wedding ambience in a relaxing manner. I personally have enjoyed weddings where there is really “nothing” to do during the reception, except maybe an important speech or two. The rest of the time, guests are allowed to just mingle freely with everyone and savor the hearty dishes that are served. But again, we have nothing against full programs, we’re just saying that you don’t NEED to do it to ensure your guests have a good time. Sometimes, a great playlist is all you need for your reception to be a hit.

[Wedding: Treasures in Tuscany / Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

[Wedding: A Paradise of Promise / Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography]

Myth #9: Flower girls are just flower girls.

One of the cutest style boosters for your wedding are your flower girls. See all these walking-talking-giggling little ladies in their ridiculously cute outfits. They can brighten up the day of your guests for sure!

[Wedding: Blooming and Beautiful / Photo: Toto Villaruel]

Myth #10: Matte and non-shiny suit fabrics look informal and inexpensive.

One thing is for sure, shiny suit fabrics are out, and matte ones are definitely in. If you want your man to look dapper and debonair, ditch the sheen and shine. We assure you that your guy will look fresh, sleek, and GQ-esque. Will non-shiny suits be formal enough for hotel or indoor weddings? The answer is a big yes!

[Wedding: Bright Beginnings / Photo: MangoRed]

[Wedding: A Lifetime of Love / Photo: Chestknots Studios]

[Post: Wed Colorfully: A Kate Spade Editorial / Photo: Toto Villaruel]

So there you have it folks, we’ve busted ten wedding myths! We hope this helps you in deciding what you really want for your big day!

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