Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses Trend

Just like how you can go the non-traditional route with bridal gowns by adding some color or going for a unique cut, you can also opt to do something different for your entourage. While some choose to keep the same gown, same color look for their ladies like in this wedding, there are a few that like to experiment and give their girls a special look and the option to customize the dress according to preference. Scroll through the photos below to see how you can creatively put together different looks for your bridesmaids!

1. Who would’ve thought that adding different grey touches to blush gowns could make such a statement? I love how these hand-painted gowns by June Pugat come together so beautifully, keeping the blush theme but adding a distinctive touch to each dress to make it look different. Get a few more awesome wedding ideas from Feli and Jo’s wedding here. [Photo: Pat Dy]

2. When you can’t decide on just one color for your bridesmaids, who’s to stop you from choosing two, or three? This pastel colored entourage dresses by Amonn Velasco might just convince you to do the same! See more of Jeff and Mina’s wedding here. [Photo: Sunday Morning Studios]

3. Or how about we go for the same color, but different back designs? I love how creatively the strings were formed differently for each bridesmaid! These RAZA Formal Wear bridesmaids gowns are just too cute! See more from this wedding here. [Photo: MangoRed]

4. You can also opt to choose an overall theme like pastel and have your bridesmaids choose their own colors for it! Never thought having totally different colored dresses for the girls could look so cute. See more of this wedding here. [Photo: Rainbowfish Photography]

Or how about a rainbow-colored look for the girls just like in this wedding? [Photo: Dustein Sibug]

5. Here’s one I really like–a Bohemian wedding with the bridesmaids wearing totally different outfits yet with very similar textures, feel, and color. Eleven unique designs by Roxy Bagano-Dizon, all still coinciding with the theme! More of this wedding here. [Photo: ProudRad]

6. Going for prints always brings a distinctive look to the entourage. And it helps to have the outfits come in different cuts and styles to cater to the different body types of your girls! More of this rustic wedding here. [Photo: Myio Okamoto]

7. Or maybe you can have your bridesmaids go as themselves, wearing the gown that’s most comfortable to them and in their style, like in this wedding. [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

Now, are you convinced that maybe you’d want to go for something different? Let us know what other ideas you have for mismatched bridesmaid dresses–we’d love to hear about them!

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