9 Times Volkswagen Cars Became the Coolest Guests at Your Wedding

Finalizing who to invite to your wedding can be a daunting task–and don’t even get us started with the seat assignments! But one thing you should definitely not forget is inviting those rad Volkswagen cars! I’m talking about that groovy Beetle and that funky Kombi. Don’t they make for the coolest wedding guests ever? So if you’re still having second thoughts whether to invite them or not, these ten photos just might change your mind… Because c’mon, Volkswagen cars are cool–let me tell you the reasons why!

1. Because this red Kombi made for a super groovy center stage prop! [Wedding: Groovy and Gorgeous]

[Photo: Paopao Sanchez]

2. And this Beetle became the bride’s best friend (apart from her mom and sister) en route to the church! [Wedding: The Sweetest Sweethearts]

[Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

3. Best Man missing? Worry not, this reliable Kombi has got your back (literally, too)! [Wedding: Color Chic Celebration]

[Photo: Dustein Sibug]

4. And they also make for the coolest groomsman! Not that these guys aren’t!

[Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

5. And because they are really that cool, they are even willing to take you anywhere! [Wedding: Lace Me Up]

[Photo: Lloyed Valenzuela Photography]

6. Case in point… this. [Wedding: Alluring Adventurers]

[Photo: MangoRed]

7. And this one! Because when it comes to them, adventure is their middle name! [Engagement Shoot: Sweetness of Spring]

[Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

8. They are also always game to dress up as silly as you like (and would still carry it so well)–it’s your wedding after all![Wedding: Candid Color Charm]

[Photo: Ryan and Frenz Photography]

9. And lastly, they do not care if they are third wheelin’, they’ll bring their A-game! [Wedding: Beach Beautiful Bash]

[Photo: Rock Paper Scissors]

Punch buggy yellow!!! Kidding aside, won’t these cars add so much flair to your wedding? Let us know what you think!

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