Six Stunning Aisles for an Unforgettable Wedding March

Many brides dream of having that magnificent walk down the aisle! It’s your grand entrance, after all. It deserves to be as memorable as possible just like that famous movie scene from Crazy Rich Asians, where the bride walked on water! So, we rounded up a few stunning wedding aisles, created by some of the […]

This Bride Fulfilled Her Childhood Dream of Having a Filipinana Wedding

How did your imaginary wedding look like when you were little? For Bride Lani, she has always dreamt of walking down the aisle towards the love of her life in a beautiful Filipinana dress. Fast forward to her real wedding day, her actual wedding dress looked even better than she has ever imagined it to […]

The Look


This Couple’s Intimate Wedding Is All About Spreading Fun, Humor, and Good Vibes

One of the best parts about weddings is the palpable happiness that spreads all day long and that’s what you’ll see right here in Julo and Abby’s celebration. You might recognize the groom, Julo, if you’ve been following Perea Street, a group that rose to social media fame with their witty and comedic streetwear reviews. […]

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Check Out These Weddings for Unique and Thematic Dance Floor Inspiration!

A dance floor does not only double as a stage in weddings, they also make a statement about the reception’s overall feel and ambience. Placing the dance floor at the center invites everyone to join in on the fun, while a multiple-stage layout creates anticipation for an entertainment-packed program. The design of the stage is […]

Grand Flower Arrangements and Candlelit Tables Set the Perfect Mood for This Classic Romantic Wedding!

Everything about this wedding felt like a fairytale! It was not just that the bride and groom looked like a flawless pair, but also the fact that everything was so well put together. It was truly remarkable to witness Vincent and Ysabel’s union in this grandiose occasion that they planned together. It is rare to […]