9 Venue Suggestions for Your Upcoming Wedding!

Some say that when you find the perfect wedding location, you’re work is half way done. All the other details of your wedding will depend on what type of venue you choose: Is it outdoor or indoor? Is it a beach, garden, or a hotel venue? Is it in the metro or out-of-town? With all […]

Here’s a Look at Just Some of the Things That Happened at the Toast Celebrations Fair!

It has always been one of our dreams to hold a fair for Bride and Breakfast and Baby and Breakfast. But just like anything you do for the first time, you can still actually get pretty nervous about it! And when it finally happened, I almost had to pinch myself seeing how it all turned […]

Navy Blue Beauty

There’s just something about a wedding by the beach that lifts my spirits whenever I see one! And you’ll definitely feel the same way when you see Roy and Amber’s special day by Chestknots Studios. The strong blue hues and delicate florals make this love fest the perfect by-the-water affair! Scroll away, and enjoy your eye […]

The Look



9 Beach Wedding Venues That Will Make You Crave For Some Vitamin Sea Part I

Remember when we did a little convincing for you to have that dreamy beach wedding? Well, we just came up with a list of the absolute best venues for it! I honestly can’t tell what I love most about the beach. The fresh ocean air, the soothing sound of the crashing waves, or that breathtaking sunset–I […]

Sassy Serenity

Hey, you! Thinking of your dream wedding? I suggest you start your day with a cup of sweet inspiration! Arbie and Lavinia Mae’s serene and lovely wedding will surely make you swoon over and over. From the exquisite white dress to the glamorous reception set up, this is one wedding with a flair! And with that breathtaking […]

The Look