10 Beautiful Indoor Wedding Venues You’ll Love

We all know choosing a venue is an important decision to make for a bride. There are so many deciding factors to consider–weather, time, theme… and more often than not, many go for indoor weddings as a “Plan B”. But who wants to settle for a backup-plan wedding, right?

Aside from being a safe and sure choice, an indoor wedding can range from simplistic to lavish. Think of it as painting your dream wedding on a blank canvas. And if you don’t know where to start, here are ten amazing wedding venue transformations we can’t help but adore!


1. Whitespace

Given the sleek venue, simple goes a long way in this rustic wedding! I love how the fresh ambiance of the outdoors is almost palpable by styling the indoors with greens and wood! [Photos: Nicolai Melicor]


2. Shangri-La at the Fort

Fairly new to the scene, Shangri-La at the Fort delivers an elegance that is already quite unmatched. Take a look at how their grand ballroom was the perfect backdrop for this couple’s enchanting wedding. [Photos: Pat Dy]

3. Manila Peninsula

A hotel venue can be a little challenging to pull off, but with classic white flowers and impeccable styling, that is exactly what this glamorous wedding did! [Photos: Chestknots Studio]


4. Manila Hotel

If you’re thinking about having a vintage-themed wedding, then choose a venue that already exudes that timeless kind of romance. Check out how the Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room added drama to this rogue and regal wedding! [Photos: RV Mitra]


5. Hill Station

For an equally elegant and rustic wedding, Baguio is the place to be, just like in this cozy and exquisite Hill Station affair that has us sighing. [Photos: Owen and Nikka Wedding Photography]


6. Waterfront Hotel and Casino

The fantastic views aren’t all there is for destination weddings! Sometimes, the indoors are as breathtaking! Case in point: this gorgeous reception in Cebu! [Photos: Rainbowfish Photography]


7. Ville Sommet

Who doesn’t love a Tagaytay wedding, right? This rustic affair complements the chilly weather with some dainty decor and blush accents, making a dreamy wedding! [Photos: Nicolai Melicor]


8. Antonio’s

If your indoor venue already emanates that elegant and timeless ambiance that you want, then a breathtaking table setup might be all you need to complete your big day, like in this gorgeous and sophisticated wedding dinner! [Photos: Pat Dy]


9. Enderun Events

If an outdoor wedding is really your dream, and you’re not sure how to make that come true with an indoor venue, then this lush wedding is for you! [Photos: Ian Santillan]


10. The Blue Leaf Filipinas

Sure, one of the perks of an outdoor wedding is getting to dine under the stars. But who says you can’t bring that indoors? In this magical wedding, the couple transforms this wedding venue into a reception that does not fall short of love and starlight! [Photos: Jowell Mariano]

With indoor weddings, creativity is key. You’ll surely be able to execute tons of ideas here! Enjoy, loves!

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