For the Love of Dad: This Couple Planned Their Wedding in 5 Days

When a bride is asked about her wedding non-negotiable, you can expect that the answer will be along the lines of a certain type of wedding dress, maybe a sought-after venue, or perhaps an in-demand wedding supplier. The answer is different though for today’s bride. Patricia’s non-negotiable is for her dad, who was diagnosed with […]

The Look



This Couple Created Their Own Wedding Tradition and Walked down the Aisle Together!

Instead of the bride having a grand solo entrance, JM and Agatha chose to walk down the aisle together, hand-in-hand. This couple was not afraid to break a few wedding traditions to make their special day truly reflective of their love story. For JM and Agatha, walking down the aisle together symbolized how they want […]

Here Are 9 Shops Where You Can Order Your Dried Bridal Bouquet!

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet as a memorabilia, then we recommend going for dried flowers! Dried or preserved flowers and plants are low-maintenance, long-lasting (even up to a year or so), and gorgeous as they come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. We’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful dried […]