Here’s a List of Stunning Bridal Bouquets from 2021 Weddings!

Have you already thought of the bouquet you’ll be carrying as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life? This past year we’ve seen several remarkable bridal bouquets, and we’re so happy to share some of the arrangements that really stood out to us. We were drawn to these bouquets because of how they represent different wedding themes in unique ways. This list can give you ideas about which styles would work best for your wedding. But remember, dear brides, there’s no standard rule for what your bridal bouquet should look like. Choose the one that will truly express your personality and would fit your overall wedding aesthetic. For more inspiration, keep reading!

Here's a List of Stunning Bridal Bouquets from 2021 Weddings!

When we picture minimalist bridal bouquets, a modest arrangement of white calla lilies or roses with no other variations of blooms come to mind. Subtle, straightforward, and clean, these bouquets satisfy that minimalist aesthetic. Bride Tin even kept the long stems for her bouquet for an extra unique twist. Keeping the stems also made the flowers look more natural. These bouquets prove that you don’t always need lavish combinations of flowers, simply choose your favorite kind and create a beautiful, and subtle bundle fit for you.

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Dried flowers and plants wrapped with a burlap cloth are great choices that achieve the relaxed and soothing vibe we all love about rustic weddings. These bouquets caught our attention because of the different ways it played around with the theme. You can either be more minimal with the arrangements and opt for sprigs of dried plants with a bit of baby’s breath or go for more volume with bigger blooms and pampas grass.

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Boho bouquets put a free-spirited spin on the rustic aesthetic. We find these particular bouquets so interesting with their composition of sprigs peeking out in between roses, accents of deep reds and orange, and the over-all beautifully unstructured and almost whimsical look. These bouquets are for the brides who love the carefree and uninhibited characteristics of the boho theme.

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Classic Romantic
The classics deserve a place on any list because of their timeless appeal. The round shaped bouquet will probably never go out of style! These bridal blooms show us two ways how a classic romantic themed bouquet can be interpreted: sophisticated and luxurious with an abundant arrangement of roses or more muted with a smaller bundle and daintier flowers that look as if they’re just about to blossom. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a classic!

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Plantita brides, these are for you! If you want to forego flowers altogether, why not have a bridal bouquet full of foliage and leaves? Take a look at these bouquets which made plants the star. The protea in the middle of the bunch is also an eye-catching focal point! You can either go big with varying kinds of leaves fanning out or a more rustic arrangement with sprigs and eucalyptus.

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For the brides who love color and vibrance, these bouquets will give you so much inspiration. The tropical theme stands out because of how cheerful the vibe is, and these bouquets show just that. From dramatic to demure, these two arrangements are beautiful ideas. One bouquet combines tropical flowers like birds of paradise with classic roses while the other uses palm leaves as a base. Both equally stunning!

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If you need more ideas, take a look at our list of dried bridal bouquets!

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