10 Ceremony Décor Ideas You’d Love to Get Inspiration From!

Your ceremony venue is one of the most important elements of your wedding. It’s the place where you will exchange your vows and officially become a married couple! Whether you’re having a Church wedding or an outdoor garden ceremony, planning the styling and décor is something you’ll be considering. Many venues are already so beautiful on their own, but you can still add some details to truly make your wedding personalized, meaningful, and stand out even more. Here are some ideas we’ve gathered from real weddings that might just inspire you, too!

10 Ceremony Décor Ideas You'd Love to Get Inspiration From!

Cover the Aisle with Flower Petals
Instead of a carpet or a bare floor, why not cover your aisle with flower petals? There’s just something so beautiful and ethereal about petals! This will look lovely whether you’re having your ceremony indoors or at a garden.

Real Weddings: An Ethereal Garden Wedding with an Aisle of White Rose Petals / Photographer: Bahandi


Use Potted Plants
If you’re a plantito and plantita couple, an aisle lined with potted plants might be something you’ll also enjoy! You can still achieve cohesion when you use the same type of plant in matching colored pots. This is a great idea if you’d also like to keep your décor simple and minimalist.

Real Weddings: Take a Look at The Details of This Intimate Wedding with a Modern Tropical Theme / Photographer: Jay Mayuga Photography


Consider A Round Ceremony Setup
Here’s a creative idea for an outdoor ceremony! Give your guests a 360 view by going for a round ceremony setup. Not only does it look elegant and cozy, but the circular shape can also be a symbol of your eternal union.

Real Weddings: This Couple Went for a Unique Round Ceremony Setup for Their Modern Boho Wedding / Photographer: Sorrelle Isles Film Co.


Line the Aisle with Foliage and Lanterns
You can never go wrong with greenery. Adding touches of foliage can bring color and life to your venue, while matching them with lanterns also gives off a rustic feel. Oversized lanterns look so unique as well. These can also add a bit of drama to your ceremony styling!

Real Weddings: This Wedding Celebrates A Love Story That’s 10 Years in The Making / Photographer: ProudRad


Place a Floral Arc at the Entrance
Decorations aren’t limited to inside an indoor venue, you can also work with every space available like the entrance. Placing a floral arc can dress up the entrance beautifully. Play around with blooms that are lush and vibrant for an entrance arc that really stands out.

Real Weddings: Gideon Hermosa Creates A Spectacular Indoor Galaxy for JC De Vera and Rikkah Cruz’ Wedding / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Decorate with Pampas Grass
Pampas grass is a great choice of décor especially if you want to achieve that rustic or boho vibe, and it definitely looks so elegant when it lines the aisle. Elevate the styling some more by combining pampas grass with greenery.

Real Weddings: This is How A Boho-Filipiniana Wedding Looks Like! / Photographer: Sunday Morning Studios


Make a Statement with an Entrance Setup
Wow your guests from the moment they enter with a setup that makes a statement. Incorporate decorative elements that are unique to your theme. Don’t be afraid to add bold pops of color or to go big with the styling.

Real Weddings: This Couple Brought Modern Elegance to The Filipiniana Theme in Their Intimate Wedding / Photographer: Foreveryday Photography


Choose a Modern Backdrop
Instead of the usual half-circle arcs, why not consider other shapes like a triangle? Clean lines help put together a chic and modern aesthetic. To make geometric backdrops more interesting you can decorate them with floral arrangements, macramé pieces, curtains, and so much more.

Real Weddings: Minimalist Styling with Bold Pops of Color Make This Rooftop Wedding Stand Out / Photographer: Team Benitez


Play with Height for Your Floral Arrangements
To add more variety to your aisle décor, you can play around with different levels. Place floral arrangements on pedestals to give them more height and line the rest of the aisle with blooms on the ground. This particular styling looks stunning because of how the taller arrangements frame the bride’s entrance.

Real Weddings: A White and Gold Motif Brought Out An Opulent Feel in This Intimate Wedding / Photographer: Team Benitez


Add Candles
You can bring so much warmth and romance to your décor by mixing in some candlelight. You can mount them on stands, place them among the flowers, or inside lanterns. Being surrounded by candles as you say ‘I do’ can help exude that solemn and romantic ambience even more.

Real Weddings: The Magic of Minimalism Shines in This Dreamy Indoor Wedding / Photographer: Nice Print Photo
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