Mexico Medley

Hola amigos and amigas! It’s another beautiful day–meaning another beautiful wedding treat for all you lovelies. We feature our fair share of international weddings our local suppliers do here at Bride and Breakfast for three reasons.

  1. These weddings are just so darn gorgeous that we need to show the world.
  2. For all you folks planning your own big day, you can obviously pick up some wedding ideas and inspirations from them.
  3. Why not celebrate how our local talent actually make waves across the miles?

Ok, enough chatter because Jeff and Olinka’s wedding awaits. Very chic and classy, as well as fun and hip. I love the color scheme of the entourage, the amazing photography, actually, I LOVE EVERYTHING.

Photography: Pat Dy / Location: Cancun Mexico

Accessories: Farah Abu

Because some of you ask for ideas for accessories, let me share with you a jewelry designer I found at a bazaar. Farah Abu designs pieces that will definitely add a flair to your entourage gowns. I got a pair of earrings from her and I love them to bits.

Here’s my style tip for these beautiful necklaces:

  1. Use them on plain and flowy chiffon or jersey dresses. In that way your gowns will look very hip and fashionable.
  2. Request for stones that will match your color motif. Earthy tones for dresses with neutral hues, while bold colored stones for bright dress shades.
  3. Give them to your bridesmaids as gifts–they will definitely be thrilled.
  4. For my personal preference on designs, the bigger, the better!

Farah Abu: 0917 716-2153

Barbie and Ken Wedding

Lately, my world has been invaded by bottles and onesies. And given that I just had my first (and most likely not the last) baby, I don’t expect my exposure to kiddie stuff to lessen anytime soon. Imagine my joy when I found these photos that made me realize my love for weddings can actually be connected to something kids love as well. I wanna applaud Beatrice de Guigne for such creativity and amazing photography. Our featured couple for today is Ken and Barbie–this is pure brilliance!

Photography: Beatrice de Guigne

Madly Modern

What I love about weddings is that one can really tweak every detail to their personalities. Today we explore the fashion-forward-slash-modern-couture-ish wedding of Pye and Coi. Just one look at the bride’s gown, groom’s suit and their ever-so-daring entourage outfits, and you’ll be able to see that this wedding is all about pushing limits and daring for the less-traditional look. So for all you out there thinking of going for something out of the ordinary, this might just tickle your fancy.

Bride’s preparations and reception: Shangri-La Mactan / Groom’s preparations: Cebu Parklane International Hotel / Church: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral / Coordination: Tisha Cue of Bliss Unlimited / Bridal gown and entourage: Lord Maturan / Sponsor gowns: Manuel Tumaque / Accessories: SEPA / Hair and make-up: Jessie Glova / Photobooth: SayCheese! / Flowers: Debbie Huang for Simple Wishes / Cake: Got Cake? / Reception Host: Rommel Pareja / Videographer: Franz Arrogante / Photographer: Jon Tolentino

The Look




    The Nook: Mommy and Me

    I don’t usually blog about my personal life but once in a while I wanna share what’s been happening behind the scenes. Last week I had a break from blogging. If you have been following Bride and Breakfast for a while now, you’d know that I gave birth a month ago! Yup, Matteo is officially a month old. Even if I love blogging so much, there are days that I still try to find the balance of having a newborn and writing. So last week I had the chance to have lunch with Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, who is the sister-in-law of my sister-in-law, Donna (get it?). She and I are just two weeks apart in giving birth, but obviously she is an expert with children, having five kids, while I am a newbie. Donna had us over for lunch, and Maricel shared mommy tips, while our kids had nap dates (they are too young to play).

    So with that, I hope y’all enjoyed the long weekend, as for now I am starting this week with new posts and hopefully wedding goodies that will inspire! It’s good to be back.

    A wonderful day spent with my sister-in-law Donna Pangilinan-Simpao and her sister-in-law Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan. Our babies are not in a good mood. We took the picture right before feeding time. They were pretty hungry.