Finders Keepers

Let’s just finally admit it, we are all hopeless romantics. Shown a moderately cute love story, we break out in a smile. Shown an amazing SDE and we are beside ourselves with tears! It’s okay, it happens. Especially when we chance upon videos like this one of Cinemaworks in collaboration with Cherryblocks for Ron and Anna’s wedding. The light spills give just that dramatic flair to the sweet nostalgic atmosphere enveloping the couple, and the musical scoring is just pure brilliance! So yes, it’s impossible not to get wistful-eyed and short-breathed! We totally think it was amazing that both pictures and video were artistically-crafted, making us want to star in one ourselves. Oh, to be in love… it feels like you’re on top of the world doesn’t it?

Videographer: Cinemaworks / Photographer: Cherryblocks
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