Here are Some of the Needs of Practical Brides!

It’s important for us that our brides have access to practical wedding planning information as well. From maximizing your wedding budget to smart ways you can accessorize your bridal look, this October had a lot of good material that we wouldn’t want you to miss out on! Go ahead and read up on these articles below.


1. Which wedding venues can accommodate small-scale weddings?

Photo: Ibarra’s Party Venues & Catering

Intimate weddings deserve beautiful wedding venue options too! We rounded up eight venues you can check out so that you can celebrate your small-scale wedding without a hassle.


2. What are custom-made bridal shoes?

Photo: Bogs Ignacio, Nooget Lifestyle Photography

We’ve been hearing about it lately, so we decided to talk to Jefferson Si to shine some light on his work! Get to know about this budding bridal shoe designer and custom-made bridal shoes here!


3. How can I be cost-efficient with my wedding budget?

Wedding planning takes a lot of financial preparation, but it doesn’t have to burn holes in your wallets! We discussed practical ways to save money during wedding planning, and we’re sure you can benefit from it!


4. Which accessories look best with my wedding gown?

Finding the right jewelry for your bridal look is harder than you think! There are actually important things you should consider when picking them out, and thankfully Ocampo’s Jewelry gave us tips on how to do so.


5. What should I avoid doing a week before my wedding?

Congratulations, your wedding is one week away! Before you start either completely chilling out or getting more nervous, take note of these certain things that you should avoid doing until the big day–trust us, you’ll be thanking us later!


So there you have it: practical articles to save the day. Enjoy reading up, ladies, and don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax! You can go through more wedding planning articles here.


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