Thinking of Having a Beach Wedding? Here Are Things to Consider and Prepare For

Ah, a beach wedding. It’s romantic, it’s laidback, and it’s perfect for couples who love the glimmering ocean. And if you time it right at sunset, you’re bound to get the most gorgeous photos!

But, pulling off a beach wedding isn’t as easy as one might think. So, we’ve laid out the details on a few things you need to be mindful of when considering a sandy walk down the aisle.

Thinking of Having a Beach Wedding? Here Are Things to Consider and Prepare For

<strong>Permits and Regulations</strong>

First things first, check the legalities. Many beaches require a permit to hold a wedding ceremony, especially if you’re expecting a sizable crowd. These permits may come with specific rules regarding noise, alcohol, and decorations, so make sure you’re clued up and compliant to avoid any wedding day woes.

<strong>Timing is Everything</strong>

Consider the time of year and day for your beach wedding. Early morning or late afternoon? These times not only offer the best light for photos but also cooler temperatures. If you’re aiming for a sunset wedding, don’t forget to align your ceremony with the golden hour for that perfect, dramatic shot.

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Also, don’t forget to check the tide schedules! The last thing you want is the tide creeping up unexpectedly during your ceremony.

<strong>Mother Nature’s Mood</strong>

The beach is gorgeous, but it’s also full of surprises, like strong winds and unexpected rain. It’s wise to think ahead about what you’d do if the weather doesn’t play nice. A good idea is to have a backup plan ready (it always pays to be prepared!). Ask your venue if they have tents on stand-by for keeping everyone dry and happy if it starts to rain. Or, you could pick a place nearby that’s indoors as your Plan B. That way, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, your big day is still perfect.

<strong>Dress Accordingly</strong>

A heavy, fancy dress might be a little difficult to walk on sandy shores, especially in a tropical country. You’re better off with something light and breezy that fits the beachy atmosphere. Choose outfits that feel relaxed, comfortable, and light enough to gently billow with the breeze. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re comfortable with heavier fabrics, you’re always more than welcome to!

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Don’t forget to tell your guests about the dress code, too. Remind them that stiletto heels on sand, er, might not be the best idea. Encourage them to wear something comfortable, such as flats or low block heels.

The ocean’s sounds are beautiful but loud, and they might make it hard for your guests to hear your vows. Think about using a sound system with microphones. This way, everyone can catch every word you say to each other. It ensures that your vows, those special promises, aren’t lost in the sound of the waves. Setting up speakers can help your words reach the back row, making the moment intimate for everyone.

<strong>With Styling, Less is More</strong>

At a beach wedding, the natural surroundings are your most stunning decoration. There’s no need to go overboard with extras when you have the ocean’s beauty as your backdrop. Keep things simple with just a few decorations to enhance, not hide, the gorgeous views.

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That being said, don’t be afraid of colorful touches that reflect your personality and style. A few vibrant, tropical flowers or some brightly colored table settings can add just the right amount of flair without detracting from the natural beauty around you. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.

Remember, the beach comes with a breeze, so pick decor that can withstand a little wind. This way, you highlight the beach’s charm without worrying about your decorations flying away.

<strong>Think of Your Guests' Comfort</strong>

Thinking about your guests’ comfort can really make the day special. Providing sunscreen helps everyone enjoy the ceremony without worrying about the sun. Fans are a great idea to keep the cool air flowing and everyone comfortable. And a shoe station? Perfect for letting guests swap their formal shoes for flip-flops, adding a fun and thoughtful touch.

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These small acts of kindness can significantly uplift your guests’ experience, showing that you’ve considered every little detail to ensure the day is enjoyable for all.

<strong>Leave No Trace</strong>

Remember, beaches are natural beauties that deserve our respect. Ensure everything you bring to the beach, from decorations to trash, leaves with you. Talk this over with your stylist or coordinator. Cleaning up after your beach wedding shows respect for nature and the local community.

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By keeping these tips in mind, you can make sure that your big day is a breeze (pun intended!). Here’s to your beach wedding, may it be as sunny and full of wonderful memories as the best beach days!

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