Here Are Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Reception Isn’t Boring

The last thing you want to happen at your wedding is to see your guests getting bored. They came all the way to witness and celebrate your day, so you’ll also want to make sure that they have a memorable experience. Putting a few extras will definitely make your wedding a lot more fun and will also ensure that everyone will have a blast. That’s why we listed down some ideas that will make them say, “this wedding’s one for the books!.” Keep reading!

Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Reception Isn't Boring

Personalized Seating Chart
Level up your reception by writing a personal note for each of your guests. This couple had their seating chart made with colored envelopes and handwritten letters inside them. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to do to make your guests feel loved as they celebrate you too?

Photography: Vhince Chiu Photo / Real Weddings: This Couple Lovingly Wrote Personal Letters for Each of Their 180 Guests!

Live Wedding Painter
Add a creative spark to your wedding day by hiring a live wedding painter for your reception. It provides you with a keepsake and it’s also something very entertaining for your guests to watch.

Photo from Britney Myisha Art

Filipino Street Food Cart
What’s not to love about street food?! Showcase our very own Filipino street food at your wedding by serving them during the cocktail hour. With tokneneng, fish balls, and even barbecue, your guests will really enjoy these treats.

Photography: CamZar Photography / Real Weddings: This Couple Chose Street Food as Wedding Cocktails and Everyone Had Fun!

Donut Wall
Treat your guests with a well-rounded food. Yup, you got that right—a donut! Have a donut wall set up at your reception to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth cravings. It’s also such a pretty decorative element.

Photo from Donut Wall by Hazel

Disposable Film Cameras
Let your guests take snaps of memorable moments from your wedding using disposable cameras! You can put the cameras on the reception tables, and maybe add a card with a list of things they can capture for a remarkable outcome.

Photography: ProudRad / Real Weddings: This Rustic Autumn Wedding is a Beautiful Nod to the Couple’s Favorite Season

Coffee Cart
Something that your coffee-lover family and friends will thank you for is a coffee catering experience on your wedding day. A good cup of coffee will certainly energize them for the fun that will happen at your reception.

Catering, Ideas, and Tips: Check Out These Food Carts For Your Wedding Reception!

Fireworks Display
Surprise your guests with a magical fireworks display as your wedding finale. There couldn’t be a grander way to end the night than delighting at the view of the sky lighting up for you. All those sparkles strikingly add up to the romantic evening that you shared with your loved ones.

Phtotography: Amady Manila / Real Weddings: Fireworks Add an Extra Touch of Glamour in This Elegant Wedding!
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