Things You Need to Consider for a -Ber Month Wedding

Aah, the -ber months. The season wherein it’s perfectly acceptable to play Christmas tunes starting from the first day of September. It’s also a season that is popular for weddings! Dates leading up towards Christmas and New Year are quite coveted, too. Couples may also want to take advantage of non-working holidays and the relatively cooler weather. On the other hand, there are also circumstances particular to the -ber months which you need to keep in mind as you prepare for your wedding. Take a look below at what they are!

Things You Need to Consider for a -Ber Month Wedding

Holiday Vacations
During long weekends and the Christmas break, we usually go home to the province or schedule trips abroad. So, you’ll want to send save the dates in advance or at least give your friends and relatives a heads up. A close friend of mine informed me about her wedding, slated for December 2023, last June. More than a year ahead. The info came with a little reminder, “Bawal mawala, ha. Or else friendship over yan.” It was noted on my calendar right away!

Peak Season Rates
You know it! When the holidays draw near, prices start to increase. This is true usually for accommodations, airfare, and a few suppliers. Peak season rates are most applicable to December weddings because of Christmas. Do expect to allocate more for things like your venue, and probably items like flowers.

Venue Availability
Another thing to take note of is that you’ll be competing for venue reservations against corporate Christmas parties and other weddings. If you’re eyeing a popular fine dining restaurant or a hotel ballroom, keep in mind that dozens of couples are, too. The key here is to book ahead even if that means your wedding is still one year away. It’s also a good idea to have options in case Plan A is fully booked.

Supplier Bookings
Your favorite suppliers can also get booked out in a snap! Some brides secure their reservation at least one year in advance. Suppliers usually announce how many slots they have left for the year and when they’ll be opening bookings for the following year. So, stay updated on social media. Also, don’t be shy about sending a message and inquiring. Suppliers are always more than happy to accommodate your questions.

Rainy Season
We know it honestly feels like the rainy season all-year round in the Philippines. But rain is something we watch out for even more from September to October. Be sure you have a contingency plan in case it starts pouring on your wedding day. You might want to consider an indoor venue instead of a garden. If you do plan on having an outdoor event, it may be best to have tents in place or to provide umbrellas for your guests.

That’s it! These are some considerations we thought of to help you plan your -ber month wedding. Do you have other pieces of advice to share with your fellow brides? Tell us in the comments section!

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