10 Gift Ideas You Can Give to Newlyweds During the Pandemic

We all know a couple whose wedding got affected by the current pandemic. They may have decided to postpone or cancel their wedding or they may have opted to push […]

You’ll Love the Pops of Pink Bougainvillea in this Garden Wedding

Ah yes, details. Every detail in wedding planning demands a couple’s time and attention, for after all, they are the ones to make the decisions! It sounds easy when we […]

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Bride Diaries: What Is It like to Be Engaged during the Pandemic?

The engagement season is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It’s when all the planning and choosing happens, both for the wedding and for the marriage. […]

What are the Ingredients for a Thriving Marriage, According to Husbands and Wives

They say that marriage is not a walk in the park. While this rings true to many, if not to all couples, husbands and wives can definitely find ways for […]

Gray, Green and White: Spot the Industrial Details in this Wedding!

Weddings have a way of transforming ordinary things into beautiful and meaningful details. For their wedding, Niko and Kat took the road less travelled and incorporated industrial elements to make […]

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