10 Gift Ideas You Can Give to Newlyweds During the Pandemic

We all know a couple whose wedding got affected by the current pandemic. They may have decided to postpone or cancel their wedding or they may have opted to push through with a very small celebration instead. Because of the restrictions in place, most probably, they had to make a big cut to their guest list, cancelling your original invite or redirecting you to be part of their big day online instead. The question is, are you still expected to send over a wedding gift even if you just attended online? The answer is YES! Now more than ever, every couple needs to feel all the love, care, and support from all their friends and family to usher in their new life together. Here are 10 ways you can send your love to your newlywed friends.

10 Gift Ideas You Can Give to Newlyweds During the Pandemic

Visit their bridal registry

Comfort and convenience are two things you’ll love about bridal registries! You won’t have to leave your home, you won’t have to think too much about what to give the couple anymore, and you won’t have to personally get the gift from the store! With online transactions and door to door deliveries, you may have the gift delivered right at the doorstep of the couple on the day of their wedding!


Send gift cards

If the couple does not have a bridal registry and you’re not sure what to give them, gift cards are your rescue! With a gift card, you also gift the couple an experience of shopping together for the items that they want to welcome in their new home.


Produce a video montage

Is the couple livestreaming their event? You might want to talk to their coordinator or closest family member to play a video montage of your photos together through the years or a collection of your friends’ messages for them! Since you are not together physically on their big day, go the extra mile and “be present” in the livestream video that they will remember all their life!


Lend a hand to their wedding planning

Couples may not tell you upfront, but they will really appreciate any help with their wedding planning, most especially at this time! If you can whip a dish for their breakfast preps, or lunch reception, or bake a cake for their simple ceremony, they will truly remember you for it! They might also need a hand in delivering goodies to their would-be guests and you’re just around the area, do tell them you’re volunteering for the job!


Curate a gift box

Does the couple love their coffee time? Curate a gift box of matching cups and saucers, a handy pocket coffee grinder, coffee beans, and a selection of good reads! A gift box is a heartwarming way to send you know the couple well enough to put together things they love in a box! If in doubt, you may contact a local supplier that does curated gift boxes and deliver them to the couple for you, too!


Register the couple to a subscription service

How about sending a newlywed couple a gift every month for the first year of their marriage? Again, the key here is to know their interests. Are they into books, pet products, food, or wine? Look for subscriptions online and surprise them with monthly gifts – it’s also one way to make sure you get in touch with them at least once a month!


Send a monetary gift

We get it – sending monetary gift through wire transfer might not be the sweetest gesture to give the couple, but a small amount to help them start their life together is something they will truly appreciate! The couple will find use to it to fund their new home or their dream honeymoon destination once the dust settles. (Oh and you may use the notes in the wire transfer to indicate where you suggest it should go!)


Enroll them to an online class they will both love

Does the couple have a newfound love for baking or cooking? Newly married couples would love to explore more of what they can do together at home. Give them the gift of learning by enrolling them in specialized classes online on writing, music, photography, business, leadership, and not to mention – marriage and relationship!


Book them a staycation “for later”

While our goal is to make our newlywed friends all cozy and comfortable in their new home, it wouldn’t hurt to send them something to look forward to outside once we’re all allowed to go out! Look for hotels and venues that offer “book now, stay later” promos and pay for a couple’s night out or two!


Schedule a “Day in the Life” photoshoot session

We think it’s a good idea to document a day in the life of a newlywed couple! Think: the couple’s wedding might just be a small and quick gathering, because of the safety measures, so it’s possible that they would want more time for photoshoot! Ask the couple for the best time to schedule this photoshoot, we’re sure they would want to document their firsts – first Christmas, first Valentines, first birthday as a married couple!

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