#BNBFINDS: 7 Great Kitchen Items for Newlywed Couples

Still thinking of what to give soon-to-wed friends or relatives? There are so many registries that can help give you an idea of what presents to get! But since the lists can get a little overwhelming (especially if you want to buy EVERYTHING), here’s a little guide to help you with the decision making. Let’s start with the kitchen!

1. Marilyn Wine Bucket. How about a wine bucket to hold all the drinks the newlyweds plan to consume during happy hour at home? Going home to your partner and unwinding over drinks never fails to relax. It’s perfect for when guests come over too! [Photo: Seek the Uniq]

2. Engraved kitchenware. Anything personalized never fails to make one feel like a gift is well-thought of. How about personalized kitchenware for the newlyweds’ new home? [Photo: Thoughtful Supply Co.]

3. Weaved tableware holders. Something that’s looked over when moving into a new place–coasters and holders. It’s a huge convenience having these around especially when there are guests coming over! [Photo: C and C]

4. Personalized kitchen accessories. Here’s another cute personalized item that will put a smile on the wife’s face. She will be extra excited to do work in the kitchen with pretty linens like this! [Photo: Beyond Stitched]

Or how about personalized placemats and coasters?

5. Stone platter. A very stylish and useful piece to add to the kitchen! [Photo: Luona]

6. Adventure mugs. For the wanderlust couple who loves to travel. Aren’t these the cutest coffee mugs? They even make good cactus pots! [Photo: Nomadic Goods Co]

7. Labeled jars. Help the couple organize their new kitchen with these labeled jars. They’re so practical and they work as decor too! [Photo: The Ware Shop]


There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to giving presents. The best kind are the ones that are tailor-fit for the type of couple you’re giving it to. Find out what they need or think they would enjoy, and pick out one that you feel best suits them! What are other things newlyweds need after the wedding? Comment them below and we might just include them in our next list of gift ideas!

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