This Couple Filled Their Wedding with Unconventional Details

There really is no one-size fits all type of wedding. A remarkable celebration is something that genuinely expresses who you are as a couple. Take Enzo and Billie for example. This couple knew that they wanted their wedding to be meaningful, heartfelt, and unique. So, they intentionally had an intimate celebration with thoughtful and one-of-a-kind details like the bride’s custom outfit, the groom’s pink suit, their unconventional wedding rings, and the invitations, signage, and menu cards which they designed themselves. But let’s talk about the wedding rings for a bit. Billie tells us that she’s afraid of rings getting stuck around her fingers, so she and Enzo had non-traditional wedding rings made as an alternative. Instead of gold or silver, their rings were made out of clay! And they surely do look outstanding in the photos. Get to know more about the story behind Enzo and Billie’s wedding as you scroll through these photos by Atlas Studios.

Enzo and Billie

I wanted to wear an outfit that would make people think That's very Billie. I specifically requested to have a separate top and skirt so I can mix and match with my other everyday pieces. Billie, Bride

Like Billie, I also wanted to have fun with my wedding look, so I deliberately chose a color that wasn't traditional. The choice of having it in pink was to match the wedding dress. Enzo, Groom

We like the part of weddings where people give speeches about the couple, so we made everyone in the wedding have a speech moment. You can't do that with a 100 pax wedding. Enzo, Groom

Enzo illustrated all the elements and I put them all together as key visuals. I also designed all the materials. The invites, signage, menu cards, souvenirs, etc. Billie, Bride

Photographer: Atlas Studios / Video: Light Vision Films / Venue: Timmy in the Woods / Bride’s Attire: HA.MU / Groom’s Suit: Arvox / Wedding Rings: Tropik Beatnik / Florist/Stylist: Haiya and Flo / Invitation: Bad Student / Caterer: Madriaga’s Catering & Food Services Inc. / Cake: Kringla / Band: Bird Dens / Lights and Sounds: Anyayahan Lights and Sounds / Wedding Coordinator: The Weekend Planner

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