Here Are Thank You Card Templates You Can Use After Your Wedding!

Your wedding celebration doesn’t end with unwrapping gifts. There are a few more things to accomplish on your post-wedding to-do list, and that is the Thank You cards! If you wish to express your gratitude to your guests, especially those who took the time and effort to pitch in for your wedding or buy you a gift, a thank you note is the way to their hearts. How do you write one? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help! Here are samples of how you can word your Thank You notes according to different categories. Check them out!

Here Are Thank You Card Templates You Can Use After Your Wedding!

Thank You Template for Guests Who Gave Cash Gifts
Don’t forget to personalize your thank you notes by at least writing down the specific names of your guests, especially if they’re your principal sponsors. There’s no need to write the exact amount of money you received! Simply express how much you appreciate this token in helping build your future together.

Dear [Name of Guest],  From the bottom of our hearts, we are incredibly grateful for your generous gift. This will surely go a long way in helping us build the kind of life we dream of together! And thank you for being part of our special day. It was made more memorable with you there!  Love, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for Guests Who Gave Gifts from Your Registry
If you have a gift registry, you’ll be receiving the items your guests purchased either before or after the wedding. Make your thank you note meaningful by mentioning which item/s you received from the guest you are addressing the card to. This way, they know you appreciate and acknowledge the gift they bought!

Dear [Name of Guest],  We received the [item] you bought for us! We chose this set personally and we're so happy to have it as we put together our new home. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! We're looking forward to having you over for dinner soon!  All our love, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for Guests Who Contributed to Your Wedding Funds
Some relatives or Ninongs and Ninangs may offer to sponsor things like your wedding dress, venue, and the like. It’s a great idea to give love back in return. If it’s possible, include a gift along with the Thank You card.

Dear [Name of Guest]  Our dream wedding wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sponsoring our [specific item they paid for]. You truly made us the happiest people ever on our wedding day!  With love, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for Guests Who Gave Big Ticket Items
You may have extremely generous guests who would gift you with a honeymoon trip, a new refrigerator, a car, and what have you. Of course, you can’t miss the opportunity to send them your heartfelt thanks!

Dear [Name of Guest],  Words might not be enough to express how thankful we are for your generous gift. You went above and beyond! We hope we can show you just as much love in return throughout the rest of our lives. We'll surely enjoy your wonderful gift!  Love, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for Guests Who Gave Gifts But Could Not Attend
There may be guests who still made an effort to send you their love and support even though they couldn’t attend your wedding. It would be a great idea to acknowledge them, too!

Dear [Name of Guest],  Nothing could ever beat having you at our wedding yourself, but we are so thankful for the gift you gave! Thank you for thinking of us despite your busy schedule. We're so excited to have lunch and dinner dates with you soon!  Yours, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
If you still have some more time to spend on writing Thank You cards, do include the members of your entourage. After all, they also invested time and resources for your special day.

Dear [Name of Entourage Member],  Our wedding was a lot more cheerful and memorable because you were there! From long before the engagement and now to our married life, you have been, and will always be, someone we can rely on. Thank you for your unending love and support!  Much love, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for the Maid of Honor/Best Man
The sister/brother/cousin/best friend who went out of their way to plan your bachelorette/bachelor parties, and held your hands throughout the wedding planning journey. A tiny effort to say Thank You will definitely make them smile!

Dear [Name of your MOH or Best Man]  What would we do without you? You went the extra mile to make sure planning our wedding, and the actual day itself, was joyful and full of love! Thank you for the amazing [bridal shower/bachelor's party] you planned! But, most of all, thank you for being part of our lives. We look forward to spending weekends, holidays, and many more milestones with you!  Love always, [Your Names]

Thank You Template for Your Wedding Suppliers
It takes a village to plan and create a wedding, and it wouldn’t be possible without the talents of your wedding suppliers. If you have room in your budget, you can also include a Thank You gift, especially if you were more than satisfied with your supplier’s service.

Dear [Name of Supplier],  Our wedding became the most beautiful day of our lives, by far, thanks to you! You went above and beyond for us and for that we will always be grateful. Booking you was one of our best decisions!  We'll surely recommend your services to the rest of our friends. We will never forget all your hard work!  With all our love and gratitude, [Your Names]

For more tips on how you can show your appreciation towards your guests, entourage, and wedding suppliers, check out our articles on meaningful ways to propose to your entourage, things you can do to make your guests feel appreciated, and how to build good relationships with your wedding suppliers.

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