7 Meaningful Ways to Propose to Your Entourage!

Wouldn’t it be fun to ask “Will you be my (insert role here)?” in a creative and thoughtful way? Your bridal party members all play a special role. They’ll be holding your hand and assisting you throughout wedding planning, so showing your appreciation would make them feel how much they matter to you in the whole process and in your life. Here are some ideas to get you started!

7 Meaningful Ways to Propose to Your Entourage!

Say It With Coffee
Who wouldn’t appreciate a cup (or bottle) of their favorite pick-me-up? Treat your squad to their coffee fix for the day, but add a surprise! If the cups come with sleeves, write notes on each of them. It could say something like, “My wedding wouldn’t be complete without you in it! Will you be my (insert role here)?” You can also pen your message around the bottle or cup itself. Now, wouldn’t that  make them smile instantly?

A Gift Box Full of Treats
If you have a little more room in your budget, you can customize a special gift box for each of your soon-to-be entourage members. In this package, you can include some self-care items (sheet masks and scented candles), their favorite candy, a water bottle with their name on it, a pouch or accessory they can wear to the wedding, and a handwritten letter from you. Another idea is to make it thematic. If you already have a color scheme for your wedding, you can give them gifts according to your motif. You don’t need to spend an extravagant amount of money on this. Simply assemble a few items they’ll enjoy. The gesture itself is already highly valuable!

Personalized Robes
If you’re planning on doing preparations photos with your bride tribe, you can send them personalized robes in advance! These will serve both as gifts and something for them to wear during the pre-wedding photoshoot. I think one of the most enjoyable activities is getting ready together with your entourage, and matching robes are a must!

A Wine Night
Ask your would-be entourage members to clear their schedules one weekend so you can have a wine night (whether on video call or in-person if it’s safe to do so). If you’re hosting this virtually, you can send them bottled cocktails or mini wine bottles each. When it’s safer to gather, why not book a table at one of your favorite wine bars so you can propose face-to-face? You’re not only toasting to your marriage, but also to constant friends who will see you through a new chapter of your life!

Mani-Pedi Party
It would be fun to throw a spa party for you and your best friends. If you’re comfortable having a mani-pedi day in your own home, that would certainly be extra relaxing. You can also try booking a private space in a nail salon if you’d like a change in environment. What matters is being together!

Copies of Your Favorite Book With Personal Dedications
Here’s another thoughtful idea. If you love to read books (of any genre), think of the one which  will touch your friends’ hearts the most. Write a simple dedication behind the front cover, tell them the reason why you feel this book will make an impact on their lives, and of course, pop the question!

Food Delivery
Food is a love language for many people. If this is true for your own entourage, they will surely appreciate delicious treats from you. You can send them thoughtfully packed meals  for lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to include a letter with your proposal written on it! If you want to get more creative, you can also consider custom sugar cookies or cupcakes with “Will you be my ______ ?” written in icing.


No matter how you choose to propose to your entourage, it will definitely be a memorable experience for all of you. Tell us all about it, too! We’d love to hear from you.

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