Jazz Up Your Wedding in 2022: Here are Some Planning Tips to Consider!

Wedding bells are ringing louder than ever in 2022! Last year, so much creativity emerged from brides and grooms. We’ve seen drive-by receptions, coffee carts and take home meals, dinner under a canopy of lights, ceremonies on mountaintops, edgy fashion choices, and so much more. Couples have become more expressive in their wedding planning journey, and we’re so excited to see what comes next in 2022. If you’re getting married this year, and are thinking of ways to make your wedding unique, we’re here to help. We have a couple of insights that we think will be trending among 2022 weddings. So, here are some tips you can consider to make your special day one-of-a-kind.

Jazz up your wedding in 2022: Here are some planning tips to consider!

Expressing Yourself Through Your Wedding Fashion!
More and more couples are becoming adventurous with their fashion choices and it’s so much fun to see! Brides are opting for colored wedding gowns and pantsuits while grooms are embracing bolder hues for their attire. Even the entourage fashion game is leveling up with mismatched dresses, boots as footwear, fabrics with patterns, and so much more. Being creative with your wedding fashion is a brilliant way to make your wedding memorable. Most importantly, it’s your day! You can wear whatever you want and leave a remarkable impression on your guests!

Real Weddings: Chic and Unconventional: This Bride Wore a Beige Gown Paired with Sneakers / Photographer: Love Train Studios Photography
Real Weddings: Playing Dress Up: This Couple Changed Into Matching White Suits for Their Reception Party / Photographer: Joseph Requerme Photography
Real Weddings: This Bride Was Bare-Faced on Her Wedding Day and Her Groom Loved It / Photographer: Hayag Studios
Real Weddings: This Bride and Her Tribe Looked Pretty in Print! / Photographer: JC & N Photography


Going for Playful and Bold Color Motifs
Royal blues, purples, pops of red, and even a rainbow motif will keep on making its way to 2022 wedding mood boards. While pastels and neutrals will always be timeless, bolder color palettes are unique and unexpected. Don’t be afraid to explore your own kind of color story whether that be vibrant hues like teal and yellow or warmer tones such as burnt orange or terracotta.

Real Weddings: This Bride Played a Cute Wedding Day Prank on Her Groom / Photographer: Team Benitez Photo
Real Weddings: This Couple Played With Fun Shapes and Bright Colors for Their Intimate Wedding / Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios
Real Weddings: Not Even a Typhoon Could Stop This Couple from Celebrating Their Cheerful and Heartwarming Wedding / Photographer: Whosoever Studios
Real Weddings: This Couple Held Their Reception before Their Wedding Ceremony / Photographer: Team Benitez Photo


Having Multiple Pre- or Post- Wedding Events
Intimate events are here to stay and with that comes more curated guest lists. Though we can’t gather hundreds of people in one space, a good compromise would be celebrating through multiple smaller events such as an engagement party and a post-wedding celebration like a brunch. You can choose to invite colleagues or extended relatives who might not be part of the wedding day guest list. An engagement party or a post-wedding lunch or dinner is where you can also include your parents’ guests. Besides, wouldn’t it be fun to have multiple parties instead of just one?

Real Weddings: This 2-Day Intimate Wedding Celebrations Is Filled with So Much Love / Photographer: Oak St. Studios
Real Weddings: This 2-Day Intimate Wedding Celebrations Is Filled with So Much Love / Photographer: Oak St. Studios


A Destination Wedding Plus Vacation
Destination weddings don’t have to mean hopping on a plane and flying abroad. You can have a gorgeous destination wedding in nearby locales, right outside Metro Manila. When you have a smaller headcount, comprised mostly of family members and your closest friends, an out of town wedding can also double as a vacation. It will be quite easier to coordinate a getaway with fewer guests, and you can spend quality time with all of your loved ones. Plus, who wouldn’t want a change of scenery after being in quarantine for so long?

Real Weddings: Feel the Love and Cheer from This Festive Filipiniana Themed Wedding / Photographer: Oak St. Studios
Real Weddings: KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde Chose to Celebrate under a Canopy of Lights / Photographer: Mayad
Real Weddings: This Couple Still Had Their Dream All-White Wedding Despite the Last Minute Changes / Photographer: NQ Modern Photography


Focusing on the Whole Experience with Your Guests
Nowadays, what matters is making sure you and your loved ones are enjoying your special day. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to create memories you can look back on with a smile? If that means doing away with traditions like the bouquet toss, then go ahead. You can tailor the experience of your wedding day according to what makes you happy! Try giving away film cameras so your guest can capture their own wedding moments or play games that will encourage everyone to participate. If you have room in your budget, you can also include vendors for coffee, milk tea, and all sorts of snacks that you and your guests will surely love.

Real Weddings: An Intimate Morning Wedding Brightened by Clean and Simple Details / Photographer: Nikko Ureta
Real Weddings: This Couple Provided Film Cameras to Their Guests So They Can Capture Their Own Wedding Moments / Photographer: Team Benitez Photo
Real Weddings: This Couple’s Intimate Wedding Is All About Spreading Fun, Humor, and Good Vibes / Photographer: ProudRad


Making Intimate Feel Grand
An intimate wedding can still have the grandeur of bigger weddings. You can achieve making intimate feel grand through your choices for styling. A banquet table can look luxurious with tall centerpieces, floral arrangements, candles, and twinkling lights. Even if your venue is your backyard, you can still include an arc for your entrance, roses as décor. and petals scattered all over the aisle. Some colors you can consider for an opulent feel are yellow gold or rose gold, and white.

Real Weddings: Neil Arce and Angel Locsin’s Wedding Is the Best Example of Chill and Spontaneous / Photographer: Nice Print Photo
Real Weddings: An Ethereal Garden Wedding with an Aisle of White Rose Petals / Photographer: Bahandi
Real Weddings: From Tablescape to Community Pantry This Stunning Sunrise Wedding Was Beautiful and Meaningful / Photographer: Nice Print Photo
Real Weddings: From Tablescape to Community Pantry This Stunning Sunrise Wedding Was Beautiful and Meaningful / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Using Open Spaces for Intimate Ceremonies
Outdoor locations are also becoming more popular. Wide, open spaces can certainly look beautiful and they can feel cozy, too, even if you’re on top of a mountain or within a sprawling garden. Weddings that make use of expansive outdoor spaces really stand out. You can simply choose an area for your ceremony and reception setup with the sky transitioning from day to night as your backdrop. Just imagine all the gorgeous sunset photos you can capture!

Real Weddings: From Tablescape to Community Pantry This Stunning Sunrise Wedding was Beautiful and Meaningful / Photographer: Nice Print Photo
Real Weddings: This Couple Created Elegance Out of Simplicity in Their DIY Intimate Wedding / Photographer: Mara and Mike Photography


Real Weddings: This Couple Filled Their Wedding With Meaningful DIY Details That Will Make Your Heart Melt / Photographer: Owen and Nikki Wedding Photography
Real Weddings: A Picturesque Civil Wedding Against the Tacloban Sunset / Photographer: Rommel Cabrera Photography

For more tips, here’s our quick guide to wedding planning in 2022!

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