Wedding Suppliers Talk: Tips on How to Use Very Peri as Your Motif in 2022!

A strikingly vibrant tone is the color of the year 2022! What exactly is Very Peri? It’s a beautiful blend of blues and purples, and is considered a rather cool tone. We believe a pop of this hue would surely look amazing in weddings! But how exactly can this color be tastefully woven into the vision of your dream day? Whether you’re a bride who loves color or you simply enjoy exploring different motifs, here are a few ways you can incorporate Very Peri, and tones within its color family, for your wedding. We talked to some wedding suppliers to get their professional opinion. We have tips for styling from Teddy Manuel, wedding fashion from Rosenthal Tee, Teena Sabrina Tan, and Caca Siapno, and tips on how to have stand out details in photos from Regina Roque and The Backyard Studios. Read on.

Wedding Suppliers Talk: Tips on How to Use Very Peri as Your Motif in 2022!

Be Playful and Adventurous
Don’t be afraid of color! Have fun playing around with the Very Peri pantone, because it’s such a vibrant and lively hue. But first of all, establish a vision for your wedding. When you have a starting point or at least a general idea for how you want your wedding to look like (such as formal, rustic, minimalist etc.), you can build from there!

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Photo from Teddy Manuel


Use Very Peri for Flowers and Accent Pieces
A striking hue like Very Peri can stand out even more when you use it as the color of your accent pieces and fine details such as flowers and invitations. There are many ways to make this color pop apart from clothing choices!

Photo from Teddy Manuel

"We do know that there are a lot of flowers in purple/violet hue, so we can start from there. But then again, your imagination is the only limit, so be limitless! You can play with fabrics and lights too." - Teddy Manuel, Event Stylist


Explore Different Color Combinations
There are many ways you can create a color story with Very Peri. Though it’s a cool tone, you can mix and match it with warmer hues or go all the way with breezy colors. Depending on your personality and preferences, your Very Peri motif can be light and bright or moody and dramatic!

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"I would ideally mix Very Peri with shades of Lavender and Orchid tones; Ash Blues and Teal Greens; Lime and Chartreuse shades as well! I love that the pantone can be adapted in many different combinations so to me, this is already a sure sign that those who choose this color will be more adventurous in their color decisions this 2022." - Rosenthal Tee, Fashion Designer

Photographer: Proud Rad / Dresses: Rosenthal Tee

"I would pair Very Peri to more neutral and muted tones to balance out its striking color. Neutral tones such as grays, whites, and beiges would welcome this striking color as the accent to its subdued palette. On the other hand, Very Peri naturally fits in when color blocking is concerned. Mod colors, which include whimsical shades of magenta, gold, and orange, share the same adventurous and playful feel as the Color of the Year." - Caca Siapno, Fashion Designer

Photo from Caca Siapno


Consider Very Peri as Your Second Look Color
Make a statement by switching to a Very Peri outfit for your reception! Whether it’s a second dress or a jumpsuit, this color will look gorgeous. You can also consider Very Peri as an accent color for your wedding gown or second look.

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“Always consider your overall palette. Balance is always the key. For a second look color, it would look amazing and fresh! Try playing around with lighter pantones and soft fabrics to make it more bridal and ethereal.” - Teena Sabrina Tan, Fashion Designer

Photo from Teena Sabrina Tan


Opt for Varying Shades and Complementing Colors for Your Entourage
You might wonder, ‘will Very Peri flatter any skin tone?’ The experts say ‘yes!’ especially when you use the right design and shade. You and your girls can certainly stun the crowd in this color. Here’s what bridal designers have to say!

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“Try to consider the ladies in your entourage when pairing them with the Very Peri shade. In terms of clothing, Very Peri can be used as a starting point to build a palatable color story for your entourage.” Rosenthal Tee, Fashion Designer

Photo from Rosenthal Tee

“With its arresting presence, using Very Peri as your main color for your entourage can be overwhelming. You may opt to incorporate varying shades of blues or violets per entourage group. Alternatively, you could use it as an accent to bring a pop of color to your reception or entourage dresses.” Caca Siapno, Fashion Designer


Subtle Hints in the Details Make the Color Pop
Sometimes, less is more. A unique color like Very Peri will stand out in your photos when used in accent details or one statement piece. Photographers share their thoughts here!

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“I’d just go for subtle hints of very peri by including it in the following: some flowers in the bridal bouquet, your bridesmaids' bouquets, some pages in the invitation, flower girls' dresses, very peri shoes, very peri flowers in the VIP tables, name cards, your cake, neon light signage, and even the groom’s suit!” - Regina Roque, Photographer


Photo from Regina Roque
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(Pull quote) “Very peri can make a gorgeous splash of color together with a neutral palette and one can bring this vivid color out through one statement accent piece such as your wedding bouquet. Couples can definitely incorporate the color through wedding accessories and accents including invites, entourage dresses, florals, fabrics, and backdrop walls.” - The Backyard Studios, Photographer

Photo from The Backyard Studios


Above all, your wedding is your day! Don’t be afraid to let your personalities shine and to follow what truly makes you happy. If Very Peri is your choice, you can include it in your wedding in so many ways, and customize it to fit your beautiful vision!

(Pull quote) “I think if you match Very Peri with soft whites, light beige & browns it can create a warm & cozy theme. If matched with shades of light grays, it can pull-off a calming sophisticated look. If you want a vibrant, bolder palette, I think tangerine orange & greens will go well with it. For a moodier vibe, pair it with deeper shades like forest greens & midnight blue.” The Backyard Studios, Photographer

Photo from The Backyard Studios

(Pull quote) “If you are a bride who loves the color purple and blue, then this may be your best choice for your wedding motif. Be brave and don't be afraid to pull it off! Your wedding, your rules!” - Regina Roque, Photographer

Photo from Regina Roque

(Pull quote) “Don’t be scared to play around with the color. As long as you don’t stray away from what you originally envisioned, it will look amazing!” - Teena Sabrina Tan, Fashion Designer

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