This Bride Was Bare-Faced on Her Wedding Day and Her Groom Loved It!

They say that marriage should be founded on love, honesty, and trust. You must be able to look at each other’s eyes and say whatever it is that’s in your heart. This was how Quincy and Tanya wanted to express their love for each other on their wedding day–raw and no frills. Bride Tanya decided that she’ll attend her wedding without any makeup on and her husband Quincy, who is also a photographer, loved the idea. It was his dream to shoot her muse bare-faced so that he can flaunt her real beauty and to share to the world how lucky he is to be marrying her. They shared their intimate day with only a few people whom they call family and it was an unforgettable moment indeed. Scroll through the photos by Hayag Studios and see from the groom’s perspective how beautiful his bride it!

"Never before had I seen such a splendid sight of grace and beauty as this, looking at her. I held a camera and took photographs of her as the zephyr blew her veil and hair. I could stand in that spot for years, dreaming of dreams, wondering wonders of how or why. Why are you mine? Immensely beautiful this gift bestowed upon an ordinary man." - Quincy, Groom and Photographer

Photography: Hayag Studios | Event Plans: Simply Special Weddings And Events | Event Design: Accent Cagayan | Film: Zeal Team | Cake: The Cake Room | Light And Sound Rental: Bords Alimon | Violin: Jhem Serran| Stationary: Kate Quebrar | Officiating Pastor: Pastor Joe Ascalon | Bridal Dress and Veil: Vania Romoff | Bridal Bow: Kat Padilla Studio | Banquet Dress: Mark Bumgarner | Groom’s Formal: Cornell’s Custom Tailors | Venue and Catering: Punong Gary’s Place

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